Do you have a Picatinny rail for the Mark V or Vanguard?

We do have Picatinny mounts for the Mark V® (both two-piece and One-Piece). Near Manufacturing, Talley Manufacturing, Warne, and EGW (Evolution Gun Works) have a Picatinny rail for both the Mark V and Vanguard lines as well.

When did Weatherby produce rifle scopes?

Mark XXI ® scopes Manufacturer: Asia optical (Japan) 1964-1989 Sightmaster® spotting scope Manufacturer:  Asia optical (Japan) 20X-45X: 1972- 1982 20x-60x: 1983-1989 Imperial® scopes Manufacturer: Hertel & Reuss,  (West Germany) 1954-1973 Premier® scopes Manufacturer: Asia Optical (Japan) 1973-1982 Supreme scopes Manufacturer: Asia Optical (Japan) 1983-1994

When was my Mark V made?

Serial Number Prefix – Model / Country of Origin : (Years of Production) No Prefix -Mark V® (USA) PFI : (1958 -1959) No Prefix – Mark V® (Germany) : (1959 – 1973) H – Mark V® (Japan) : (1972 – 1994) M – Mark V® Silhouette Pistol : (1980 – 1981) P – Mark V®…