Can I send my rifle back to Weatherby to have an Accubrake installed?

There are Weatherby-authorized Accubrake® and Accubrake® ST installation centers located across the United States. You can have an Accubrake® installed on your rifle at any one of these centers or in the Weatherby Custom Shop in Sheridan, WY. The work done by these centers is the same as would be done by the factory and…

I have a problem with my Weatherby gun safe. Who do I contact?

Two different safe companies manufactured Weatherby safes. Contact information is as follows: American Security 11925 Pacific Avenue Fontana, CA 92337 (951) 685-9680 Serial # prefix- GS and KS Fort Knox 993 North Industrial Park Way Orem, UT 84057 (801) 224-7233

Why are some Weatherby rifles “free floated” and some are not?

We have found through our testing that barrels having a smaller outside diameter than our #3 contour require upward pressure to help stabilize the barrel for increased accuracy. Our free floated barrels have enough rigidity in the barrel for them to be free floated.

What is the throat length (free bore) on your Weatherby rifles chambered for Weatherby magnum calibers?

Cartridge Throat length (free bore) 224 Weatherby Magnum .162 240 Weatherby Magnum .169 257 Weatherby Magnum .378 6.5 WBY RPM .105 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum .2037 270 Weatherby Magnum .378 7MM Weatherby Magnum .378 300 Weatherby Magnum .361 340 Weatherby Magnum .373 375 Weatherby Magnum .373 378 Weatherby Magnum .756 416 Weatherby Magnum .239 460 Weatherby…