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Available for four different barrel diameters for both select Vanguard and Mark V models, with checkered thread protector, for a near perfect brake-to-barrel contour match. Because the crown is located at the end of the barrel, not the brake, the lands are protected, preserving accuracy. As the bullet exits the barrel it passes through the brake without contact. The brake in no way adversely affects velocity or accuracy, only felt recoil and muzzle jump. Constructed of stress-proof steel alloy or 420 Series stainless steel and are available in high polish or matte blue finish or matte stainless steel.

To preserve accuracy and safety, an Accubrake should only be installed by Weatherby, Inc. For more information contact us today at 1-307-675-7840. Standard 8 week or longer lead time subject to change.

Packaging Instructions can be found HERE.

3 reviews for Accubrake™

  1. T.J.

    I had one of these Accubrakes installed on my Vanguard in 300 Win Mag and it works wonderfully. It looks great with the gun, easy to use, and quite effective. Felt recoil was noticeably lessened and muzzle jump all but disappeared. Does make it Louder but that really doesn’t matter to me. The process was also quite simple and the guys at Weatherby were excellent to deal with, even when I get a little impatient and call just to check on things. I would greatly recommend this product. I’m actually planning on sending in at least 1 more gun to have the Accubrake installed. I only rate the value lower because the price has gone up a bit since I had mine done.

  2. FB

    I had one of this put on a 300 weatherby Mark V and i love it, i am sending my Weathermark to have one put on it also I just wish it didn’t take that long but I guess it is what it takes to have the best.

  3. Robert Key

    I had the Accubrake installed on my Vanguard 7mm Remington Magnum. I sent the rifle to Weatherby in November and they shipped back on December 31. The brake is hardly noticeable as it blends perfectly into the barrel. Performance wise it is fantastic, recoil is all but eliminated and the rifle jumps slightly to the right when fired. Weatherby’s work received many compliments at the range both for the workmanship and performance. I am over 70 years old and had no problems with recoil after firing 57 rounds in one morning doing load testing. I will definitely be look for larger caliber Weatherby in the near future.
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