Rebated Precision Magnum

We’re proud to announce that the sixteenth Weatherby® Magnum cartridge has gained acceptance into the SAAMI Standards. Several years in the making, the 338 Weatherby Rebated Precision Magnum (WBY RPM) is the latest in a long line of innovative Weatherby cartridges and delivers maximum big-bore performance in our smaller six-lug Mark V® action. An ideal backcountry large game chambering, field testing of the 338 RPM has shown it to be a sledgehammer on North America’s biggest game, including elk, bear and moose.

With the demand for ammunition at an all-time high, production of Weatherby factory Select and Select Plus ammunition has never been greater. In the interest of serving our current customers and providing as much ammunition as possible in our existing chamberings, our objective is to continue to keep Weatherby Magnum ammunition flowing to customers as quickly as possible. With our focus fixed firmly on current products, expect more information and specific product launches regarding the 338 WBY RPM further down the road.

Nothing shoots flatter, hits harder or is more accurate.