Model 307™ Builders Action


Weatherby’s first new action in over 50 years. The Model 307 was purpose built to accommodate the vast offerings of stocks, triggers, rails, mounts, and bottom metals that exist in the marketplace. The 2-Lug bolt features a convenient “tool-less” takedown for easy disassembly and maintenance.  Shooters can expect the same precision craftsmanship that Weatherby has delivered since 1945.


Bolt / Bolt Knob  – Graphite Black Cerakote


Overall Length
Short Action – 7.9″
Long Action – 8.7″
Short Action – 1.65 lbs
Long Action – 1.78 lbs
Bolt Face Diameters
Short Action Standard – .470
Long Action Standard – .470
Long Action Magnum – .540
Bolt Throw
90 degree throw
Bolt Knob Threads
Tenon Threads
1-1/16-16 .880” long (Standard 700®)
Mag Box Lengths
Short Action – 2.97
Long Action – 3.95

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Start Your Custom Build with the Weatherby Model 307 Action

The Model 307 action features a spiral fluted bolt with a reliable M16 extractor. That means positive extraction and smooth cycling shot after shot. The tool-less takedown feature is ideal for in the field maintenance and at home cleanings. The bolt knob is threaded (5/16×24 thread pitch) and ready for an aftermarket knob of your choice.

With a similar footprint to the popular Remington® 700® platform, Model 307 is compatible with most aftermarket 700 accessories, including triggers, stocks, and bottom metals. This gives the builder unlimited ability to build a truly custom rifle.

The bolt release button was designed to sit high on the receiver to make sure it fits Rem 700 aftermarket stocks and chassis.

The action is tapped and ready for scope mounts or a picatinny rail, it is threaded for 8-40 screws and is compatible with Stiller/Savage® mounts.

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