There were pictures hung around the office of my grandfather with key influencers of the day like John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and Gary Cooper. After all, Roy Weatherby built his business just miles from Hollywood by leveraging his relationships with many iconic figures that walked into that retail store several decades ago. To put it simply, Weatherby’s roots run deep through the state of California and many quality Weatherby employees have spent their careers building the brand that is associated with my family name.

Many thoughts filled my head as I drove the moving truck, along with my family, out of the Golden State and into the Cowboy State in the summer of 2018. California represents a rich history and an established legacy that I never want to forget or take for granted. Wyoming, on the other hand, now represents a bright and promising future for Weatherby. People often ask me why we made the move. Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. We have a brand new facility, better regulations, fewer taxes, lower operating expenses, immediate access to premier western big game hunting, and a passionate team ready to take Weatherby to the next level. Simply put. we have positioned ourselves in a place where we are ready to maximize our brand and its position in the outdoor industry. I truly believe Weatherby’s best years have yet to come and our move from California to Wyoming is representative of many great changes you will see from us.

I’ve been hunting here in Wyoming each year since our move and have been fortunate enough to tag a Rocky Mountain Elk, a Whitetail Deer, and a Pronghorn Antelope from my new home state. However, it’s not just the hunting that comes from the Bighorn Mountains and surrounding plains that make me feel at home. When I walk the streets of our historic western downtown I feel like we were meant to be here. When you see the words “Sheridan, Wyoming” stamped on the side of a MarkV action, it just looks right. I guess what I am trying to say is that some things were just meant to go together.

I am so grateful for Weatherby’s past and the rich heritage that began so many years ago in Southern California with my grandfather. I am also incredibly grateful for the state of Wyoming and the many others that helped get us to our new home. I can only imagine that someday there will be a Weatherby kid wan­dering through the showroom in Sheridan, much like I did in South Gate as a child, mesmerized by a long-lasting legacy that began not too far from Hollywood by a poor farm boy from Kansas that one day moved to Wyoming. After all, that’s the Weatherby story, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Adam Weatherby


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