The fastest, flattest shooting rifles on the market

In the 1960s, Roy Weatherby recognized the need for a more affordable rifle that could chamber his signature magnum cartridges and with this, in mind, the Vanguard® project was born. Weatherby® has partnered with the same trusted factory for over 50 years and has consistently produced some of the most accurate rifles on the market today.



A number of Weatherby signature safety features were incorporated. Starting with a two-lug action, a fully shrouded bolt with three gas ports on the bolt body provides protection in the event of an ammunition failure. As in the Mark V®, the recessed bolt face protrudes into the breech, fully encapsulating the cartridge and provides additional safety.

A hammer forged barrel brought both accuracy and longevity not typically seen in mass-produced cut-rifled barrels of the day. The M-16 style extractor gave great purchase on the cartridge rim for consistent and reliable extraction. A fluted bolt body similar to the Mark V creates smoother operation when the rigors of the hunt leave the rifle dusty and dirty.

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