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Before composite stocks, brushed stainless steel barrels, and Cerakote finishes every Weatherby Mark V® that fell into the hands of lucky hunters was rich walnut and blue steel. The Deluxe pays homage to those days of traditional craftsmanship for hunters who still marvel at classic styling. Complete with regal diamond-point checkering, a rosewood forend and grip cap, maple spacers and a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad.

Barrel / Trigger Guard / Bolt Knob – High Gloss

Gloss AA Walnut Stock

Fineline, diamond point checkering, rosewood forend and grip cap with maplewood spacers

Accubrake ST Installed on .30-378 / .338-378 / .340 / .378 / .416 / .460

Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad



All Mark V® rifles are guaranteed to shoot a 3-shot group of .99” or less at 100 yards (SUB-MOA) from a cold barrel when used with Weatherby® factory or premium ammunition.


TriggerTech’s trigger provides true zero-creep break, extremely short over-travel, and is externally adjustable. Precision cut stainless steel components ensure consistent trigger pulls from shot to shot in a safe, reliable, and corrosion resistant package.


By adding an Accubrake ST you will significantly reduce felt recoil up to 53%. Available in four different barrel diameters, with thread protector, for a perfect brake-to-barrel contour. *Available on Select Calibers.


The shortest in the industry (as compared to typical 90 bolt throw). Allows for faster chambering on follow-up shots and greater bolt-to-scope clearance.

14 reviews for Mark V® Deluxe

  1. David C

    The most beautiful rifle I have ever seen. I bought my Mark V Deluxe in 30-06 as an all purpose rifle I could hunt with the rest of my life and then hang above my fire place when I’m older. Apparently I should have just hung the rifle and bought something else to hunt with because now there is a large chip in the stock where the bolt drops down and there’s two small spots in the clear coat forward of the bolt drop cut out. I’m all for using my rifle in all conditions and hunting hard, I just don’t feel like I should have to deal with this after shooting 2 boxes(20X) of ammo during beautiful sunny weather. I called customer service and yes they are willing to help me but it’s such a pain to get this fixed. I’ll have give my rifle over for repair(3 months) which also means I have to take my scope off and then eventually re-zero my rifle. Weatherby isn’t paying for my bullets though so they don’t care, even though I would say these are 100 percent their defects.

  2. Hinglemccringleberry

    An amazing rifle

  3. Austin

    This gun is BEAUTIFUL! I got It in .300 WBY Mag and sent it off to have a muzzle brake installed (which I much prefer with that caliber). The muzzle brake took several months to get back, but it is matched up perfectly. It truly looks like a rich man’s gun. I have never seen a nicer rifle. I would say that I am a bit anxious to use it every time I take it out because it is so nice. For daily use, I actually prefer my other Mark V, with a synthetic stock (although that one would not go as well above the mantle).

  4. Casey S

    I purchased my Weatherby Mark 5 in 270 Win because it was gorgeous, but more importantly it felt and handled better than any of the numerous rifles I have handled or owned over the years. Turns out those attributes have been overshadowed by the rifles`s accuracy. I was able to put 5 shots easily within 1 MOA with 3 in one hole, with factory ammo. The trigger is excellent. I’ve owned more expensive rifles but non have given me the special feeling I have with my Mark V Deluxe!

  5. Ralph Bauch

    I’ve used my Mark IV for over 15 years. No problems and I am proud to say I own it. I love the classic look and accuracy. Ralph B Portage WI 11/11/2019

  6. Chuck

    Great rifle! I bought mine in a WM 340 for any North American game. Took a nice elk with it, and the rifle handled beautifully. I don’t regret the purchase. I’ve been a Weatherby fan since I was a boy, and given that I’m now 59, that’s quite a while.

  7. Craig Ottinger

    Bought the 416 wby mag for a Asian Water Buffalo hunt. The 2000 pound beast went down with one shot. A second shot finished him off. I started at a 100 yard range with the new rifle and a new Konus 4-16 x 50 scope. On the third shot it centered the bulls eye. I came home a happy hunter.

  8. Craig Ottinger

    Bought my MKV Deluxe chambered in 416 Wby mag. It is another one of Weatherbys finest pieces of art. This rifle shoots very consistently at 100 yards and with the accubrake installed the recoil is very manageable, about the same felt recoil as their 300 wby mag without the brake.
    Overall this rifle is
    Nothing shoots faster, flatter, and hits harder than a Weatherby.

  9. seafog1

    Have the 240 magnum; absolutely gorgeous. Has a one piece Leopold long single piece scope mount with a Leopold 3x9x40 variable scope; and am very pleased. Very very accurate and well worth the price tag. Best rifle I have ever owned.

  10. Rafael Marcano

    I have the good fortune of owning several Weatherby rifles and I must say: “These gun are for life, and they shall be past on to generations in your family”. Every modern gun manufacturer today, have in their arsenal the good, the better, and the best. In Weatherby, all categories are the best. The beauty of these guns runs parallel to their consistent accuracy and flatter trajectory they are known for. A friend came to visit and said: “These guns belong in a high end furniture store and not in a gun shop”. I thought it was funny.

    I am currently waiting for my Mark V. 6.5-300 Wea. Mag. this one is coming out of the new manufacturing facility in Sheridan, Wyoming.
    Can’t wait to get it. Very exciting.

    Thanks for reading.

  11. Jon Blanchard

    I have used Weatherby rifles since 1983. My father used his till he passed German Mark V 300. As I am a left handed shooter I have three Mark V in 300, 340 and 7 mm. Best rifles I own and a pleasure to look at as well as shoot.

  12. Brian Bridges

    I love my Weatherby Mark V Deluxe in 300 Weatherby Magnum. It is by far the most beautiful rifle ever made. Nothing shoots flatter and hits harder than a Weatherby.

  13. William Meara

    Weatherby Mark V Deluxe 7mm is what I Own and will be Pryed for my Cold Dead Hands…..It is Clearly the “Gold Standard” in American Arms Manufacturing ! My Father introduced me to this Culture when I was only 7, (1958) along with my Brother and Sister. Dad owned a Weatherby 270 and enjoyed it until he Passed in 2004. Memories are Long Lasting!

  14. William M Godfrey

    I bought my first Weatherby back in !987. A Vanguard VGS REM 22-250. Was tired of leaving groundhogs alive and well past 200 yards. This rifle took care of that problem. Always wanted a large calibur and of course looked at Weatherby. Customized a Lazermark 340 magnum to my likings. Most awesome weapon to shoot. Accubrake cuts felt recoil down to very manageable. Now getting a wild hair you know where. As for another work of art and family heirloom, I think a 460 Magnum Mark V sounds fun.
    My youngest son is already chomping at the bit ready to own my weapons.
    I have and will always recommend Weatherby rifles to everyone.

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