Weatherby’s first bolt action rifle platform.

Introduced by Roy Weatherby in 1958, the Mark V® action was designed to be the strongest action in the world. Roy wanted to create a high-quality, accurate, and powerful rifle for hunting that could handle his high-velocity cartridges.



The locking lugs on the Mark V action differ from traditional design as they are separated and stacked, creating more surface area and lock up than the conventional solid large lug design.

The result is maximum lug contact and the strongest action on the market.


The Mark V lineup features a unique nine-lug and six-lug bolt design that allows for a smooth lock-up and an efficient 54-degree bolt throw.

The Mark V lineup is chambered for a wide range of cartridges, including some of the most powerful and flat-shooting rounds available. This makes it a versatile choice for hunters and shooters who need a rifle that can handle everything from big game to long-range targets.

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Mark V – TLR Signature Series


Mark V® Accumark


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Mark V® Backcountry 2.0 Carbon


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