The World’s Perfect Rifle

There’s no single trait that makes a rifle ‘perfect.’ Every individual component has to work in concert to create a flawless shooting system under any condition.

Mark V® rifles carry a wealth of features that enhance the shooter’s experience, and Weatherby® engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries to keep them at the forefront of innovation and performance. Light yet strong carbon fiber stocks, crisp Triggertech triggers, highly effective muzzle brakes and premium American-made barrels are just a few of these, all building on the legendary Mark V action.

Originally designed as a 9-lug, push-feed action, the Mark V rises head and shoulders above other bolt-action rifles in a number of regards. First and foremost, it has long been considered the strongest action in the world — built to harness the increased pressures of Roy Weatherby’s signature cartridges. Another is the Mark V’s lowest-in-class bolt rotation, clocking in at 54°. Less rotation allows for quicker reloads and the ability to mount scopes as close to the bore as possible. The forged, one-piece bolt is fluted and has relief ports and a full shroud to protect the user in the case of an ammunition failure. A smooth and silent two-position safety also serves as a bolt lock when in the ‘SAFE’ position.

No matter which Weatherby Mark V rifle you choose, you’ll know it has been designed with purpose and for maximum performance. Whether you’re chasing Alaskan sheep with an ultralight Backcountry Ti or sitting for Kansas whitetails with an Accumark Pro, you can trust that every shot will be right on the money.

With class-leading design, cutting edge components and the superiority of velocity, the Mark V platform is specifically designed to address the needs of hunters and shooters. We’re confident that we’ve created the perfect rifle — the question is which Mark V is perfect for you?


All Mark V® rifles are guaranteed to shoot a 3-shot group of .99” or less at 100 yards (SUB-MOA) from a cold barrel when used with Weatherby® factory or premium ammunition.


TriggerTech’s trigger provides true zero-creep break, extremely short over-travel, and is externally adjustable. Precision cut stainless steel components ensure consistent trigger pulls from shot to shot in a safe, reliable, and corrosion resistant package.


By adding an Accubrake ST you will significantly reduce felt recoil up to 53%. Available in four different barrel diameters, with thread protector, for a perfect brake-to-barrel contour.


The shortest in the industry (as compared to typical 90 bolt throw). Allows for faster chambering on follow-up shots and greater bolt-to-scope clearance.


Sourced from Peak 44, this stock has the distinction of being the lightest production aerospace-grade carbon fiber stock on the market. Industry-leading manufacturing techniques, patented bedding technology and the addition of the 3DHEX recoil-reducing buttpad mean this is one of the most advanced lightweight stocks to date. *Available in Select Models.


True innovation that dissipates large caliber felt recoil provided in the lightest recoil reducer available. 3DHEX is a patent pending high strength energy diffusing lattice structure designed to distribute specific directional forces and reduce muzzle lift.  *Available in Select Models.


Titanium properties present 42% the weight of traditional steel which provides maximum weight savings for the hunter looking to save every ounce while maintaining structural integrity. *Available in Select Models.


Lightweight, accurate, and fast-cooling carbon fiber tension-wrapped barrels utilize stainless steel match barrels roll-wrapped with a carbon fiber sleeve and loaded under tension. 95% of the carbon fiber does not touch the barrel allowing air to foil around the steel and rapidly cool the barrel, adding rigidity and reduce overall weight.  *Available in Select Models.


Comb adjustability provides comprehensive custom fit. Various shooting situations demand fine-tune consistency for precise cheek weld in challenging environments. *Available on Select Models.


A larger radius, deeper flute not only trims a bit more weight from the bolt body of the Mark V, it also increase the smoothness with which the bolt can be cycled.


Allowing for customization and utility, the bolt handle of the Mark V is now threaded to accept a variety of bolt knobs.


Cerakote is the industry leading thin-film ceramic coating. The Cerakote unique formula enhances physical properties including wear, corrosion, and chemical resistance while improving impact strengths, and hardness. *Available on Select Models.