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While other rifles may talk the talk, this one would prefer to walk the walk. For example, there are guns that tout being SUB-MOA, but this one will guarantee it from its Vanguard action, hammer-forged barrel, and match-grade trigger.


Barrel/Receiver/Trigger Guard – Matte, bead blasted blued finish
Stock – Monte Carlo Griptonite® stock


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Guaranteed SUB-MOA accuracy from the Vanguard action

While other rifles may talk the talk, this one would prefer to walk the walk. For example, there are guns that tout being SUB-MOA, but this one will guarantee it from its Vanguard action, hammer-forged barrel, and match-grade trigger. Someone might expect to pay dearly for a guarantee like that, but we’re proud to say that this is the best value at Weatherby for that degree of accuracy. When taking the Vanguard Synthetic hunting, don’t think this one has to be babied because of the precision. The Vanguard Synthetic, with a Griptonite® stock and all surfaces is designed to repel the harshest conditions.

  • Adjustable Match Quality, Two-stage Trigger
  • Fluted Bolt Body
  • One-piece Machined Bolt Body
  • Fully Enclosed Bolt Sleeve
  • Vanguard Recoil Pad
  • 3-Position Safety
  • Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
  • Integral Recoil Lug
  • Hinged Floorplate

Drop-Box Magazine Models: .240 WBY MAG  /  .25-06 REM.  /  .270 WIN.  /  .30-06 SPRG.

Barrel length is 26” for magnum chamberings & 24” for non-magnum and 240 Wby Mag




Overall Length
Mag capacity
Barrel Contour
Barrel Threads
Barrel OAL
Twist Rate
Length of Pull
Drop @ Comb
Monte Carlo
Drop @ Heel
.22-250 REM7.5lbs.44“5+1#224"1:14“13.5“.75“.51.25“
.223 REM7.5lbs.44“5+1#224"1:9“13.5“.75“.51.25“
.240 WBY MAG7.5lbs.44“5+1#224"1:10“13.5“.75“.51.25“
.243 WIN7.5lbs.44“5+1#224"1:10“13.5“.75“.51.25“
.25-06 REM7.5lbs.44.5“5+1#224"1:10“13.5“.75“.51.25“
.257 WBY MAG7.5lbs.46.5“3+1#226"1:10“13.5“.75“.51.25“
.270 WIN7.5lbs.44.5“5+1#224"1:10“13.5“.75“.51.25“
.30-06 SPRG7.5lbs.44.5“5+1#224"1:10“13.5“.75“.51.25“
.300 WBY MAG7.5lbs.46.5“3+1#226"1:10“13.5“.75“.51.25“
.300 WIN7.5lbs.46.5“3+1#226"1:10“13.5“.75“.51.25“
.308 WIN7.5lbs.44“5+1#224"1:10“13.5“.75“.51.25“
.350 LEGEND7.5lbs.44“#2201:16“13.5“.75“.51.25“
6.5 CREEDMOOR7.5lbs.44“4+1#224"1:8“13.5“.75“.51.25“
6.5 PRC7.5lbs.44“3+1#224"1:8“13.5“.75“.51.25“
6.5-300 WBY MAG7.5lbs.46.5“3+1#226"1:8“13.5“.75“.51.25“
7MM REM7.5lbs.46.5“3+1#226"1:9.5“13.5“.75“.51.25“
7MM-08 REM7.5lbs.44“5+1#224"1:9.5“13.5“.75“.51.25“
Overall Length
Mag capacity
Barrel Contour
Barrel OAL
Twist Rate
Length of Pull
Drop @ Comb
Monte Carlo
Drop @ Heel
.22-250 REM
.223 REM
.240 WBY MAG
.243 WIN
.25-06 REM
.257 WBY MAG
.270 WIN
.30-06 SPRG
.300 WBY MAG
.300 WIN
.308 WIN
6.5 PRC
6.5-300 WBY MAG
7MM-08 REM

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185 reviews for Vanguard® Synthetic

  1. cameron Hakimi

    I own 2 vanguards in 375 H&H and stainless 3006. un imaginable for out of the box the accuracies. my 375 shoots 3/4 if an inch all day long and my 06 the same and on my good days 1/2 inch group. but then again what do you expect! its weatherby. i own 2 mk V in 300 and 257 and love them both. you guys rock.

  2. Michael clim

    I have the vanguard synthetic in 30-06. I opted for a vortex scope and an adjustable saddle type cheek piece. The gun functions flawlessly and is easy to carry in the deer woods. As for the accuracy, this gun shoots great. I like the detachable mag! With the flexibility/versatility of the 30-06, as well as the availability of ammo. I need no other rifle from varmints to elk. Good job Weatherby!

  3. Terry Rice

    Previous review forgot to mention I was shooting at 100 yrds

  4. Terry Rice

    Bought in 223 rem first time out shot 0.467 four shot group with food no fact ammo didn’t finish my five shot group became my scope is a lot bit weak and could only see where my first round went. Moved to another target thinking maybe I was completely off the paper but after collecting targets was surprised to see my groups. Next time out shot a 0.534 three shot group went to three shot groups resting different ammo absolutely love this rifle

  5. Ted

    Ted sept.30 2019 bought a brand new vanguard synthetic in .240 weatherby a few weeks ago. Had brass from previous. .240 . Made handloads with 80 gr.berger varmint ,56 gr. Rel.22 fed 215 primer seated to 3.200 o.a.l first three shots at 100 yards 3/8 of an inch. One group and done. All of my weatherby have been great shooters but this one is exceptional right out of the box.i am 77 yrs old and still get great satisfaction from an accurate rifle. Live well and keep shooting .

  6. Paul

    Bought a vanguard series 2 in a .223 bull barrel with a 1:8 twist. Shoots awesome. (.75 shot group at 80 meters with cheap ammo. ) Can’t wait to see what it does with good ammo.

  7. Ryan

    I have one in a 308 and absolutely love it, it’s super accurate. I also own a 300 win mag but I’d like to get the accubrake put on it though but still a great rifle.

  8. Dan

    Great rifle, reasonably priced even in Australia. I have taken down a variety of size of feral pests with my vanguard stainless 257wby. Handles handloads ranging from 100gr to 117gr projectiles.

    Looking at purchasing another 1 maybe 2

  9. forester

    The Vanguard action is one of the best out there. It is smooth, reliable, strong, and safe. The synthetic model is a great value. The stock is as good as a factory synthetic stock gets. The rifle is accurate as advertised. It’s not a lightweight, so I think it shines best with heavier calibers from 30-06 up. This rifle would be competitive if it was significantly more expensive. As is, it’s the best value in rifles, period. You don’t have to compromise quality to get an affordable rifle.

  10. Lujan

    Own a 30 06 and absolutely love this gun.

  11. Randy

    Purchased in 6.5 creedmoor cut same hole at 100 yard with Winchester Deer season 125 grain ammo. Checked trigger on electronic trigger gauge out of the box 3 times was set at 2.5 pounds. This is an exceptional accurate rifle at a exceptional price straight out of the box. Thanks Weatherby for producing a rifle that doesn’t break the bank.

  12. varmitr

    I have this gun in a 257 weatherby I’am getting 1/8 in groups at 100yds. with 110 gr ELD-X bullets at 3654 fps. 6th. weatherby gun. Weatherby guns are the best!!!
    God bless Roy Weatherby!

  13. Ridge hunter

    Picked up a .243 for the kids to use deer hunting. They have both now filled tags with it. Both one shot and done. The gun definitely did its part. Worth every penny since it was kinda shooting against my buddies kid using a Savage.243. There was no comparison
    Now to pick up a 6.5 Creedmoor

  14. BobbyG

    It just doesn’t miss. Using Federal Blue 180 grain soft points, and it just knocks the deer down. Purchased in 2009, and I could not be more satisfied in it’s performance.During that time four others have used it with the same results.

    We call it “the grey ghost”. I think I should retire it, and maybe make a wall hanger out of it, but I can’ do it. Lol!

  15. B-Ray

    bought 2 vanguards a few months back,1 grey synthetic .7mm-08 from a dealer and select model from wally world in .270. I agree with previous post that both guns shoot hornady ammo better,
    at least my 2 do.the 7mm-08 once sighted put 3 shots in bullseye 100yds with 2 touching and the 270 put 2 out of 3 in bullseye . I am by no means a shooter so I used a lead sled to help sight-in. I’d say that’s pretty good for guns right out of box with factory ammo, hornady American whitetail. good job weatherby.

  16. Needs Accubrake

    I have enjoyed my vanguard in 300 wm a ton. I can shoot reliably out to our range max @ 600 yrds and it does well with even cheap ammo.

    In 300 wm it was kicking a lot and hard to control, so I got the accubrake installed and except for the weight it’s now the perfect hunting rifle – cheap enough to not feel bad about dragging it through anything, but tough enough to handle it.

    I easily get 3 shot sub MOA @100yrds with handloads.

  17. JS

    I bought a VANGUARD in 7mm Rem Mag, and have been thoroughly impressed with the quality and durability of this firearm. The rifle was mated with a 50mm Bushnell banner when i purchased it, and i would put this gun up against any of them out there. Well done Weatherby!

  18. Jeremy laxton

    At first, the rifle had a stiff sturdy feel that after about 350 rounds started grouping like it claimed. If you want the MOA it advertised, you have to let the barrel cool between shots. The trigger is a little creepy, but not to bad overall. I would buy it again knowing its performance first hand.

  19. Andy

    Great deer hunting rifle
    I thought the 308 from Walmart when they were discontinuing and had a great price I have killed too nice dear already very pleased with the Performance

  20. Vladimiri1189

    One of the best rifles I’ve shot at this price point, you can’t really beat a Weatherby. Have mine in the classic .257 Wby Mag and put 5 shot groups inside a dime at 300 yds. Love this Rifle.

  21. D Groves

    Nothing not to like about this Rifle. I got it in the 270 caliber, shoots better groups than any costume rifle I own. I shoot long ranges on the plains of Colorado and have been doing so for 45 years. Elk , mule Deer, pronghorns beware . LoL we’ll done Weatherby

  22. Daniel

    I bought it this year for my first gun for me to buy and put my single shot rossi away this year to try out my new vanguard and i love it

  23. Dogbertx

    Not nearly the most expensive rifle I own but the best value and rifle I own.
    Always been a .270 fan.

    Was my go to rifle for hunting as it was inexpensive and carrying on the quad can be damaging.
    Then I found it shot better than my more expensive ones at the range.
    The trigger has zero creap and is light and crisp.
    Changed the internal magazine to an external. That works really well.
    Tried multi ammo and handloads.
    Federal is the least accurate in this rifle. Sako hammerhead 156 grain is very good out of the box ammo. Too heavy for deer.
    Hornady is great all round.
    DoubleTap is very good.

    All round after some exploring this is the best rifle I own. It treats me far better than I treat it.

  24. LGB3

    i own two vanguards extremely happy with both .one in 270 and one 30-06. both deadly accurate.

  25. Bronco

    Bought the Weatherby Vanguard 30 years ago in 7mm Mag. Very accurate, low recoil, and perfect size with the 24” barrel. Still looks like new. Put the extra cash in your scope or binoculars!

  26. Rune

    Just bought a 308W Vanguard S2. The machined bolt body had to my surprise some surface rusting/corrosion, which I only noticed when I brought the rifle home from the dealer ( As I was not able to remove the rust by polishing with gun oil, I brought the rifle back to the dealer. Their in-house gunsmith immediately machine polished away the corroded areas, resulting in smoother bolt action.
    Later at the shooting range I have extensively compared the new Vanguard to my trusted 30-06 Sako 75 Hunter, and to my surprise I liked the less than half price Vanguard better! Consistent trigger and nice feeling of the rifle made me more confident and relaxed on the range.
    The Vanguard range have a strong following here in Norway, next step is possibly modifying the synthetic stock to make the barrel free floating.
    Great buy and service from dealer!

  27. Alito 357

    Bought this as my first rifle and its quality is excellent and it groups well.
    The best purchase in years.

  28. K up north

    Got a Vanguard chambered in .243 Win. Works awesome on coyotes and I can hit squirrels no problem too, haha, tho you can’t find much left of them.

  29. Jerry

    I needed another rifle like another hole in the head. BUT, it was a Weatherby, ON SALE! Would have gotten the Vangard Deluxe Sporter, but it would have never seen the gun safe. It would be hanging on the wall in a glass case, just to look at… These rifles make the other guy’s look like dog food. I already have a 4 x 16 x 40 Bushnell scope (another sale item, I might use someday…). Can’t wait to dial it in @ 100 yards. The fellow next in line behind me was purchasing the VDS in .308 for his 12 yo grandson for Elk Hunting in November. He owns 4 Weatherby’s himself! The kid is already shooting sub 1″ moa’s with Gramp’s rifles (He is currently enrolled in a gun/hunting safety course.).

  30. Paul

    I own two Vanguard Synthetics, one in 270 WSM and one in 240 Weatherby Mag. Both are accurate and reliable. The 240 WM routinely shoots 1/2 MOA with several different loads and the 270 WSM shoots 1 MOA with several different loads. You can’t ask for more. I have successfully taken many species from feral pigs to deer to elk to scimitar oryx with the 270 WSM. I have ZERO complaints the Vanguards. They are just right.

  31. KeithN

    I bought the Weatherby Vanguard in 300 Weatherby Magnum the week it hit stores. I was impressed with the accuracy claims and features. To say the least I was blown away! I own several Mark V Weatherby rifles in 300 Weatherby Magnum and 270 Weatherby Magnum. The Synthetic Vanguard out shoots them all! In a vise shooting factory 165 grain ballistic tips the gun shoots the same hole every time! I’m now buying a Synthetic Vanguard in 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum. What gun in this price range shoots a guaranteed .99” group has a 3 position safety and a 2 stage adjustable trigger? None! All my other Weatherbys have to have the saftey in the fire position to unbolt a round. The new Synthetic Vanguard has three positions safe, fire and safety on unload. I really like this added saftey feature! Thanks Weatherby for delivering yet another AWESOME rifle to your line up!

  32. LIL JOE

    Let’s start off saying I have a lot of rifles but these are special
    Solid feeling and highly accurate,,,,granted barrel isn’t free floated ,,,doesn’t hinder the accuracy,,if you don’t heat up the barrel to much
    I shoot paper and don’t hunt,,,either case I have 3 Vanguard’s and they shoot under 1 moa all day long with over the counter ammo
    243 cal 3 shot group you can cover with a dime at 100 yards
    Been considering a Mark V but I can’t get over theses Vanguards
    If I only had 1 high power rifle,,,it’ll be one of these

  33. 300 Anguish

    I may have bought the ‘dud’ in the entire series but this is the most disappointing rifle in my collection.
    I’ve spent more than 300 or even 400 rounds just getting a load to perform close to acceptable conditions. Carnival or Circus guns would outperform it.
    This is a dire disappointment. Sorry, I love the gun but not its performance 🙁

  34. East Prairie hunter

    I had gotten my first Weatherby as a gift it is a mark V 300 weatherby mag (to expensive for me) best gun i have even though its a left handed gun (I am right handed) the next was a vangard series 2 in a 270 win both are sub moa@200 and have never let me down had to sell the 270 due to financial problems but i want another vangard in the 300 weatherby mag

  35. Tyson22250

    Have serval other weatherby vanguards, and couple Mark v’s with no complaints. I have one Weatherby Vanguard S2 in 22/250 and have never been happy I’m going to burn the barrel out just trying to find something it shoots good.Not very accurate at all. Makes patterns instead of groups, no matter what I do.

  36. DC

    I Ran a gun shop years ago.Weatherby has always stood for qaulity,and still does .while other company’s are in a race to produce junk,weatherby stands for quality.thanks for not selling out!

  37. LIL JOE

    First off I own a lot of High Powered Rifles
    Out of these I own 2 series 2 Rifles and the most accurate
    270 and a new 243
    1st trip to the range with this rifle
    Topped with a 4x16x40 mm Bushnell Banner
    After zeroing at 100 yard 3 shot group you could cover with a Dime
    Used Federal Fusion 95gr
    What I’m trying to say these Rifles are a solid platform,,barrel isn’t free floated ,,but with this accuracy it doesn’t need to be the harmonics are excellent
    The Vanguard series 2 Rifles are super nice Rifles ,,always have a place in my home

  38. Josh

    I reload and no matter what I feed it 168 eldm through 212 eldx all bullets are touching at 100 yards with higher than average velocity. Thank you Weatherby for such an amazing product.

  39. Steve in MD

    I bought a Vanguard Synthetic in .308 Win and loved it so much that I bought another in .375 H&H Mag. The .308 shoots 0.7 inch 3-shot groups at 100 yards and the .375 shoots 0.6 inch groups — and that is with me behind the gun — a better shooter could probably cut those group sizes.

    The trigger is great. It shoots great. It fits me great — being 6’3″ tall with long arms some guns don’t fit me well, but this gun does. Love it! Thanks, Weatherby!!

  40. Tgib

    I have used and sold weatherby vanguard and Mark v rifles for many many years. The only rifle and company we delt with that you never had a concern over quality and reliability. Great products and great company.

  41. Stetz

    Purchased a Stainless Vanguard 2 in 30.06 last year. A great gun for the money in every aspect. As advertised, sub MOA with all the factory ammo I shot. Shoot’s an amazing 5 shot group with Federal Premium Trophy Copper 165 grain, .43″ at 100 yards. You won’t be disappointed with this rifle.

  42. 1shot

    I can cover a five shot group with the base of my 300wdby mag ! A great value out of the box and 18 years later !!!!!

  43. Paul

    My Vanguard 30-06 screamed quality from the time I bought it. The trigger is smooth and breaks like glass and the bolt works silky smooth. The stock is so well designed that it feels like a part of me when I shoulder the rifle. Couldn’t be more pleased.

  44. Douggie

    Easily the best bang for your buck on the bolt rifle market. Thank you Weatherby for still making quality guns in an age of cheap, platic junk. Hope that never changes!

  45. Josh

    This gun is amazing! I bought my 300 hoping to find my match and I think it’s the one. It’s extremely accurate and has a very comfortable stock. I can hit many targets quite easily. It goes in small and leaves a devastating exit. This is a great gun and I’m very satisfied

  46. ChrisB22

    I have been shooting with this .308 for about a year now. I love this rifle for its accuracy and versatility. I get groupings under 1” at 200meters with home loads. Keep up the good work team!

  47. Phila

    I bought my first VG 2 in 308 win. Shot it at the range and hunted with it. Followed up with VG 2 s in .223 and 7mm Remington magnum. All very accurate, consistent sub moa performers with factory ammo. The 7mm being amazingly accurate out to 200 meters, likely much further, limited only by the range distances at my club. Accuracy dropped off due to loose bolts, re-torqued the mounting bolts and accuracy returned to original performance. I have not found an equal in other makes in this price range. Excellent value.

  48. Tyler

    Weatherby claims MOA or better at 100 yards, but boy, they do better than that. I have the stainless version in .257 Weatherby, and when using their factory loaded 115 grain ballistic tip cartridges, touching holes are achievable, and about .75-1″ groups at 200 is my average. The rifle has an extremely comfortable stock and the two stage trigger is the best I’ve ever squeezed on a production rifle. Feeding cartridges from the magazine is so smooth it doesn’t feel like I’m chambering anything. The gun has a little bit of extra weight to it compared to rifles of some other big names, but I think that contributes to the quality feel that it has. A second Vanguard rifle in a .30-06 is in my near future.

  49. WASP

    At 100 yards, my Weatherby Vanguard 2 can consistently put 3 rounds in the size of my little fingernail.
    It makes me wonder if I really need the new 6.5 creedmoor….

  50. Tim M

    I am seriously impressed with this rifle – and so are the guys I shoot with. Without stress, I can make a single hole at 100 yards no-problemo. What else do you need? I can’t say enough good about this gun.

  51. Robbie

    I use 165 gr. hornady red tips i have no reason to change for the money you cant beat it

  52. G. Man

    I have two S-2’sone in 243 win and one in 300 win mag
    Both are one shot rifles
    Also have a weatherby mark -5 ultralight in 7mm-08 they are all fine rifles but for your $ the S-2 is hard to beat

  53. 10ft5x

    I have three of the Vanguard S2 rifles,30-06,270,6.5CM,and soon a 25-06.I find the fit,and finish,performance,and price make these rifles a great value.All of my S2 rifles shoot exceptionally well.It seems every rifle has a particular round it performs best with.I took the time,and sampled every round available till I found “THE ROUND”each rifle performed best with!All of my rifles have great glass on them,Zeis,or Vortex,and this is where you really want to spend the money,a value packed rifle,combined with great glass,and you have an outstanding piece of equipment that will last for generations!

  54. Craig

    Bought a Vanguard 4 years ago for an elk hunt and worked up a load. Outstanding performance. Just for fun this year I shot some inexpensive factory ammo through it and got 3/4” groups. Decided to buy a 6.5 Creedmoor this year and looked at other brands. Nothing in comparable price range came close to the quality of materials, fit, and finish. My new Vanguard is on the way!

  55. On target

    After putting 30 rounds through the rifle it shot a three shot group a 100 yds I covered with a bottle cap. The rifle is very solid. Love the stock. Feels very solid and operated flawlessly. A joy to shoot in the 6.5 creedmoor. With quality ammo it’s a great rifle. Would like to own a 257 Weatherby in a lazerguard.

  56. Glen

    I have the Vanguard Synthetic model in 223 and 6.5 Creedmoor. They are very consistent performers. I did have to do some work on the bolts to make contact with both lugs. Other than that, they have been flawless.

    I floated and glass bedded both and find them both more consistent after doing so.

    I really hope you roll out the stainless version in 6.5 Creedmoor…. I’ll be at the front of the line to get one!

  57. Tim

    This has turned out to be my favorite for everything from gophers to deer. I hand load and my loads drop all game.

  58. Pat T

    I got this rifle in 6.5 creedmoor, ( I have 3 weatherby rifle) 3/8 group at 100 yards what I got to say……excellent

  59. Zippers

    One of the best Weatherby Rifles yet shot much better then I excepted one nice gun.

    Weatherby keep up the great job.

  60. jethro

    vanguard synthetic in roys big 300 wby mag power with out compromise yours truly a customer for life best rifle i own

  61. Wisdom

    I purchased a new wood stocked Vanguard in.257 Weatherby Mag before Missouri rifle season. I always wanted one, finally made it happen. To say that im pleased is an understatement. 3- 3 shot cool barrel groups all printed under 3/4” at 100 yards. Matched it with a Vortex 4-16×50 30mm tube scope. I enjoy this rifle!

  62. Bob

    This is my first Weatherby. After working up some handloads, I was able to get a 3 shot group to .50 inches @ 100 yards. Can’t wait to try my new 25-06 on cow elk next week.

  63. Jason M

    I’ve been using my Weatherby Vanguard chambered in .300 WBY for 14 years. It is the most accurate out of the box rifle you can buy. Has never let me down in these mountains.

  64. Jim H.

    I bought my Vanguard Series 2 in 300 Win Mag and was so impressed I went out and bought another in .308. Sold my Remington 700 XCR 2 in 300 WSM and never looked back. Amazing rifle for the price.

  65. thunderfox

    I use a 25-06 vanguard and love it

  66. Elkslayer

    I have used the Vanguard in .243 for Whitetail for the past couple of years. It has never failed to put meat in the freezer. Last year I put a factory youth stock on it for my 10 year old daughter. She LOVES it and managed to harvest her first deer. Now I have to buy another one for my son.
    Awesome gun at a great price

  67. DH

    This rifle is about seven or eight years old. Has the od synthetic stock. Have a vortex 4X16. Rifle is very accurate, one group recently measured .41 with Hornaday factory ammo.

  68. K2

    Shear excellence.

  69. gary s.

    went on a prong horn hunt using my new VANGUARD S2 270 win. and hornady 140 sst ammo. my first at 180 yds. prong horn took 1 step and DOA. #2 prong horn also one shot at 220 yds. DOA. this rifle with my new sig sauer 3×9 illm. triplex dot was dead on. great rifle, very happy with it.

  70. TIM

    I have three Weatherby rifles, one an Accumark in .257 Weatherby and the other two are Vanguards ( .338 Win Mag and 300 Weatherby caliber.) The Vanguard product is an unbelievable value for the price and a fantastic hunting tool. You can spend much more for a hunting rifle that looks and shoots great… but these rifles fit the bill superbly! Both of my Vanguards shoot M.O.A. and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality rifle at a great price.

  71. Omega875

    I recently purchased a Vanguard S2 for my 61 birthday in .257 Weatherby magnum caliber. I always wanted to own a 257 weatherby. I like all the improved features of the Vanguard S2 series. The stock is really nice. I added a Nikon Prostaff 5 3.5-14×40 scope with Talley rings. This is my second Weatherby rifle. My first Weatherby rifle was a mark V 300 weatherby magnum which I enjoy. Thanks Weatherby…

  72. Brian from the Bush

    Dialed in my 300WBY MAG w/ Leopold VX•R 4×12 out to 300yds “BEFORE” I installed a muzzle brake. Punishment soon relieved with factory install brake that tamed this beast down to a 30-30 kick. Enjoying the range now and looking forward to reaching out to 600yds.

  73. Greg

    I bought what is probably considered the first generation of the Vanguard Synthetic with the all black stock. I purchased the 7mm Remington magnum at a steep discount at a mega monopoly store, else I would have purchased the 270 Winchester version. From what I have read, the Weatherby 257 is very deserving as best in long range class, but I’m cheap and wanted to purchase $1.20 a cartridge ammo in bulk. I get 1 inch groups at a hundred yards with Remington classic ammo in 175 grain. I’m value vs performance conscience, so I mounted the Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x 40mm scope. The action is smooth and the whole rifle is solid. I put a limb saver on the butt end and can shot a 20 count box without flinching. I can’t add more then the other reviews, but to say you can’t do better than the Weatherby Vanguard.

  74. Andrew

    This is the the best shooting and flat hitting gun I have ever owned I have it sighted in at 200 yards and keep a consistant group the size of a quarter with a Vortex Diamondback HP 4-16×42.

  75. Papa

    I bought my first hunting rifle two years ago and based it on price. Vanguard II with a Vortex Scope. Sighting it in took 4 shots. It likes inexpensive factory ammo. 3 Bucks, 2 Does and a multitude of pigs………amazing accuracy hot or cold. Thank you

  76. Hans from Denmark

    I am now at the age of 61 and have been hunting shotgun since I was 15. Now it was time to try out something new. Bought this rifle three month ago in 308 win, had it mounted with a picatinny rail, a Nikon Prostaff 7 reddot 2,5-10×50 and a good quality silencer.

    I am stunned over the accuracy of this rifle. I have now shot around 400 rounds and even though it is my first hunting rifle, I make consistenly MOA groups or better with the cheapest factoryloaded training ammo I kan get. (Sellier and Bellot) I have of course tried a lot of more expensive training and hunting ammo, and this rifle shoots just as well with them all. Barnes copperbullet TTSX for example shoots hole in hole. Cant wait to get a opportunity to bag my first deer.

    The mecanics is working smooth and easy, never problems with cartridge feeding from the magasine and the stock fits me like hand in glove. Nice and soft shoulderpad too.

    I will not hesitate strongly recommending this weapon to any first buyer like me, and others for that matter.

    Super bang for the buck!!!

    Greetings from Denmark

  77. Cornbread

    My Vanguard S2 in 30-06 is a shooter! The first time I shot a half inch group (5 shot) at 100 yards I thought it was a fluke. However, I have since learned that if I do my part the rifle will cluster five bullets in one ragged hole on a regular basis with my hand loads. Going to buy another one as soon as I decide what caliber.

  78. Tony R

    I have a 14 year old Weatherby Vanguard from when they were only made in synthetic stocks. It’s chambered in 270 Winchester. It shoots sub moa groups at 300 yards. What else could you ask for?

  79. Ron

    I needed a 3rd rifle in 308 to let my others cool between groups at the range. I focus on hunting rifles — not tactical. Of course I want the best accuracy I can get and was concerned about getting this rifle because it was not free floated and was a #2 as opposed to a heavier barrel. Well, it surprised me right out of the box on the upside. It shoots an honest .75 MOA continually. I actually cannot believe the price and accuracy. Thank you Weatherby — well done!

  80. fatnugly

    I’ve had the Vanguard S2 in 223 in my collection now for 12 months and to say I am pleased is an understatement. It is the most reliable, accurate, trustworthy rifle I own. With the sporter weight barrel, I was expecting it to spray a bit but it is superbly accurate. Topped off with a Zeiss scope, this thing is a tack driver. Well done guys. Will seriously look at another one of these if it appears in my calibre.

  81. littlevineyard1

    I bought this rifle in 7mm-08 and bought a box of Remington 140 grain core-locs for the brass. Sighted in and shot a group of .873 in at 100 yds. I then worked up a reload using a 130 grain Speer BTSP. After aquireing a zero I shot a .310 inch, a .526, and a 467 inch 3 shot groups at 100 yards Not bad for a $549.00 rifle. Again the best value for your dollar

  82. spider 338

    great gun wish i would have bought it sooner

  83. Jim

    I own both rifles and they shoot extremely awesome the most accurate rifles out there.

  84. Rikity

    I got my Vanguard to have a 300WSM.
    First time out I fire 3 rounds At 25 yds. Then 2 at 100 yds. Second time out I shot 7 rounds at 100 yds. My spotter thought I’d missed the new 3’x4′ target and backboard with 3 rounds. All 7 bullets had gone through a hole that looked like a 4 leaf clover.
    I love this gun.

  85. KTownKiller

    I’ve helped some others choose a rifle for themselves, and they found the same thing that my daughter and I found. That these Wby rifles just fit the best compared to all the other makes on the market! The Monte Carlo stocks, with the raised cheek area give you a more solid hold. We also like the more rigid stock compared to most. I could go on and on…but I think you know what we like now! 🙂

  86. Weatherby4life

    Best gun I’ve ever owned

  87. Bud

    My very first Weatherby product is a synthetic in 22-250, but it won’t be the last! the balance and quality are perfect, the cartrdige is amazing and the claim of accuracy is spot on! I am very happy with this rifle and would recommend it to anyone looking for a truly well designed and executed hunting tool. the title says it… after the first shot at the range. WOW!

  88. DPG from WV

    I purchased the weapon in September 2016 on sale from Bass Pro shops in 308 caliber as a replacement for my 20-year-old Remington 700 that I gifted to my son. I mated it with a 6-24-50 Vortex Viper scope. The rear scope mount of the Viper needed a .003 inch shim to have adequate elevation for the longshot. The weapon produced a 5 inch pattern at 600 yards. Absolutely phenomenal! The ammunition employed was custom hand loaded 168 grain Hornady BTHP Match using Winchester 748 at 43.5 grains and a CCI 250 magnum large rifle primer achieving a muzzle velocity of 2550 fps. Cartridge overall length was 2.810 inches. My Remington 700 never shot as well. The design of the bolt with its extremely smooth action, its AR type extractor, and its beefy two lug bolt is impressive. I predict I will have and enjoy this weapon for many years. Thanks for making a great product Weatherby!

  89. Corby

    Got this gun on sale in .223 at Bass Pro. I was looking to upgrade to a slightly heavier caliber than my .204 savage model 12. After testing 4 brands and weights of ammo, I found that the 223 favored 40 grain Nosler ballistic tips (7/8 inch for 5 shots). Hornady superformance Vmax 53 grain ammo would have beat it, but it throws a flier an inch every 3 or 4 shots (1 inch for 5 shots). I assume this is because the Vmax bullets seem to have trouble fitting. When clambering the Hornady ammo, some chamber fine, but 40% of the time I have to use a good deal of force (this could be the fault of Hornady, but their SP bullets work fine).

    I opted to coyote hunt with the 53 grain bullets despite the fliers, because I wanted the extra energy and better ballistics. First hunt I called in a double. The first shot dropped a big female running left-to-right at 30 yards. The second shot was free handed at the male at 210 yards, dropped him as well.

    Overy all, this gun is the best factory rifle I’ve seen in a while. Accuracy is quite good. The action is smooth, the trigger is amazing, and the stock fits good and is comfortable.

    My only real complaint (if you can call it a complaint) is the internal magazine. Sometimes the top round wedges against the bolt when the floor plate is dropped. This makes unloading a hassle if you’re in a hurry, but is no problem as long as you are safe with your gun. Super simple fix as all you have to do it reach in and tap the round to make it fall out.

    Great rifle overall!

  90. Mark Endicott

    I got my vangaurd in the walnut stock and the 7mm-08 caliber, its a great gun. Flat n fast shooting!! I hit a clay pigeon multiple times at a 100 yards the first time i went out with it. Im happy with it.

  91. PRH

    Purchased this Vanguard S2 Synthetic in .243 Win for coyote hunting. Sighted in with Leupold VX-3i 3x9x40 and several different hand loads that worked well in my previous .243. This rifle put 6 shots fired in two 3 shot groups into the same 1 inch circle at 100 yds. The second group fired made one hole and measured .290 inches center to center. This rifle is a definite keeper

  92. iclick

    I have both a Mark V and a Vanguard in .257 WBY. The Vanguard actually shoots a tighter group than the Mark V. Not by much so either of them are extremely deadly on deer inside 600 yards.

  93. WillSmith

    I am an avid varmint shooter and I have got to say, after 2000 hand loaded 223, shooting 1/8 groups with a 50gr Vmax, the gun is still driving tacks. The 2 stage trigger is smooth and adjustable, I got mine down to about 2lbs.
    The only minor draw back to this incredible rifle is that the barrel for the 223 is a 1/12 twist, limiting the weight and range of my bullets. Then again varmints don’t care of they get hit with a 50gr or a 69gr. Other than that great rifle.

  94. Boaz

    Sold my saxophone and my bass guitar to buy this rifle. Outstanding accuracy. Bought a $16 box of ammo and still managed to squeeze off a 1″ group at 100 yards in -4 degree weather. Wish the barrel was free-floated, but it still manages to shoot like a very high-dollar rifle. The biggest bang for your buck on the market today. No question about it. Picked it up for $519. Buy a weatherby and you will not be disappointed in your results.

  95. Chris

    My first year deer hunting ever. Little experience with more than a .22. My brother, an avid hunter, brought this gun. Never shot it before. He says it’s on. He’s got an old Leupold on it. I’m not feeling that confident. Plus, we rode ATV’s with the gun must have got banged around a lot. The plan was get on the edge of the woods and wait for deer at 25 yards in the adjacent field. Got there, and deer were already at other end of the long field. Must take LONG shot: 250-300 yards. I kneeled and rested it on the arms of a camping chair and put the cross on the biggest of 3 doe (doe only season), which was laying down. The deer flailed a little but never got up. By the time we got there, it was dead as door nail. I am getting one of these. Put the x on the target, and it hits that.

  96. wydopn231

    I purchased my Weatherby vanguard in 7mm remington mag in 1989.I have put hundreds maybe 1000 plus round thru it.Target shooting at 500 yds and hunting.Have taken to many white tail tyo count.Crows at 250 yrds shooting 100 gr hollow point. Have shot squirrel’s at 200 yrds. It has never disappointed me,the shooter may have but not the rifle.

    I am about to purchase another hunting rifle.Want to guess which manufacture I will be choosing.Well with it being 300 weatherby mag I guess nits too obvious.

    Highest recommendations to anyone. You will be hard press to find rifle equal for twice the money much less at 600 to 700 bucks.

  97. cpt K

    My son won the Vanguard S2 in Az Mule Deer raffle last year. He lives in Cal. so I got the gun a 6.5 creed with swarovski Z5 scope. Fantastic set, shot .24 in 3 shoot group with hornady 140 eld rounds first time out. didn’t hunt with it this year. plan to use it for mule deer and cow elk in 2017. gun is well balanced, adjusted trigger slightly lighter than factory setting. of course the optics are the key with such an accurate round to barrel match. recoil is very modest, especially compared to the magnums I’ve been shooting.

  98. Jack

    I have this rifle in .30-06 with a nicon monarch scope. I wont hunt with any other rifle. It shoots ¾ moa ar 100 yards and always holds its zero. Its the perfect weight, it is comfortable to handle and doesnt have to much recoil. I have never fealt a smoother action which helps if you need to take a quick follow up shot. In the time i have been hunting i have never missed an animal with the gun and every shot was right where it should be. Its the perfct hunting rifle

  99. BonesJones44

    Amazingly accurate !!! I’m the type of person (a little OCD) that is always looking for the “Perfect Rifle”, dead accurate, weather resistant, not a shoulder killer, nice looking, and doesn’t drain the bank account.I own many guns from many different manufacturers. (My 16 gun safe ran out of room and I had to buy another safe). With the Weatherby Vanguard in 257 WM I have finally found that “Perfect Rifle”. Out of the box, first time at the range, using hand loaded Nosler Accubonds, 100 yards, my 3rd group of 3 (different powders, different grains), I had found the right combo, “all 3 holes touching”. In 30+ years of shooting, I’ve never done that before. Range time over, now hunting time. Hunting over a cut corn field, I had a doe come out at last light, my rangefinder had her at 248 yards. After waiting patiently for a broadside shot and losing light, one last quick check with the rangefinder had her 244 yards and I had to take a shot with her facing me straight on. I settled the crosshairs dead center of a white spot on her chest, just under her chin. Slowly squeezed the trigger. She jumped straight up in the air, stumbled a couple yards and expired. 244 yards, the bullet hit 1 inch right of dead center. Perfect Rifle found !!!! Thank you Weatherby

  100. Jimmbbo

    Of my collection of various 22LRs, a pair of AR-15s, .308 Remington 750, 30-06 Howa and .308 and .223 Weatherby Vanguard 2s, I always enjoy shooting the Weatherby. Its accuracy, feel in the hand and buttery smooth, light trigger are always a delight. Once zeroed, the rifle produced consistent sub MOA results with decent retail ammo. It is a great value rifle!

  101. Don

    Just sighted in my 6.5 creedmore synthetic vanguard and was ASTOUNDED by it’s accuracy. Fired 140 gr. Winchester match loads and got one 1/4″group and another 3/8″. Unbelievable! Most accurate rifle I’ve ever shot.
    Did not group Hornady 120 gr loads as well. Over 1″ for all 3 shot groups. I guess it likes the heavier bullets.

  102. Jaybird69

    I have Vanguard synthetic models in .257 Wby and .308 carbine. Both rifles shoot sub MOA……..IF you shoot enough to find the right ammo. These rifles are VERY FINNICKY with regard to ammo. Until you find the right ammo it’s all over the place. Once you find the right ammo it’s dead nuts. Love the stock and it has an awesome trigger. The safety could be better. It seems cheap when everything else on the gun is very solid.

  103. Dan

    I have this rifle in 25-06 and it just flat shoots. It anchors large wisconsin whitetails right where they stand.

  104. Chris

    I own a savage .30-06 16/116 trophy hunter XP, a Browning .30-06, and recently bought this .30-06.

    My father owns several .30-06 rifles also, and my grandfather also does.

    Out of all of the .30-06 rifles I own, and they own, this gun has the least recoil. This gun also feels and sounds much more solid when you shoot it than any of the others. The Weatherby Vanguard S2 in more accurate, and when actually testing velocity with the digital readouts, SHOOTS an average of .25% faster than all if the other guns running the same ammunition. This means it has a tighter seal in the barrel, which also contributes to its incredible accuracy.

    Teardown if this gun is easy as pie, and this gun stays cleaner than the rest of mine with the same box of 20 rounds through it as the others.

    Weatherby claims .99″ at 100 yds, but I have had no less than .75″ at 100 yds, and as good as .60″ at 100 yds running high quality ammunition. Overall, this gun could easily be sold for $1000 and still hold its value strongly, for $700 or less, this gun is a steal.

  105. Dan

    I have this rifle in a 25-06 and it just flat shoots. It is simply surgical and just anchors large wisconsin whitetails right where they stand.

  106. jim

    I own 5 weatherby rifles other than how well these rifles shoot there are other features that make these rifles to me balance and pointablity are probably the most important features . The comfort that you feel when the rifle comes up to your face and the control you have will make you a better shot weather shooting a n mark 5 or a vanguard the only thing I wish is more weatherby calibers ere
    chambered in the vanguard line.

  107. Michael

    This is my first Vanguard. I am impressed. Took 3 shots to zero. Dropped 8 point Whitetail in first outing with rifle. Could not be happier.

  108. Robbie b

    I have a 3006 best rifle I have most accurate out of the box 1 inch group at 100 yards I shoot 165 grain hornady you just can’t get any better

  109. 10mm Auto

    This rifle matches my target rifles accuracy. 3 rounds touching @ 100 yards.

  110. Matt

    I own three Weatherby rifles, and I love them all – a Mark V Accumark .257 Weatherby Magnum, a Vanguard Synthetic .25-06, and a Vanguard Varmint .223.

    The Mark V Accumark is almost perfect, with a fluted stainless barrel, capable of MOA or better, which despite internet hype is an incredible measure for a belted magnum cartridge. But it isn’t perfect.

    The Vanguard Varmint in .223 is also almost perfect, I typically fire 50 – 100 rounds each time I take it to the range, and I can say I am the limiting factor, since I only get sub-MOA with Nosler Ballistic Tip 55gr bullets over Hodgdon H322, and I know it is capable of better.

    The Vanguard Synthetic is perfect – I have a .25-06, which is not known for incredible accuracy, but I get MOA with hunting ammunition. I have no doubt these rifles could do better with even higher quality bullets, such as the Nosler Ballistic Tip or the Berger VLD, but the performance of the Sierra GameKing makes them my first choice in this caliber because of their low cost.

    This rifle is the best value that exists right now, in my opinion. The Vanguard Synthetic is capable of very good accuracy, with the best factory trigger available – two-stage trigger, light, and crisp, it makes all of the other attempts at a good trigger seem pathetic by comparison.

    As I said above, I own two Weatherby Vanguards, and one Mark V Accumark. If you have the money, get a Mark V Accumark, the trigger won’t be quite as good, but overall, the rifle will be better. If you want incredible value, get a Weatherby Vanguard, find the ammunition it likes best, and you’ll be set whether you punch holes in paper or bring down live game.

  111. Dave

    Just finished the break-in for the barrel. Then shot rifle in. Shot 5 different rounds of factory ammo, all of them were under 2″ at 150 yards, using a shooting bag from my deer-stand. The Federal Vital-Shok Nosler Partition was the best, at 1″ at 150 yards and Hornady Custom SST, was a close second at 1.25″. FYI; all bullets were 150g. Using Redfield Revolution 4×12-40 with duplex crosshair

  112. Willy

    I have one in 240 weatherby. Gun shoots as advertised with factory ammo, under inch and a half for sure. Rock solid action, good trigger, love the tech mag.

  113. Josey wales

    I have owned my vanguard s2 30-06 for 3 years now and ive never had 1 problem with it…. This is far my favorite rifle, the accuracy simply cannot be matched in any other factory rifle period! Thank you weatherby for an awesome oriduct

  114. cracker jack

    308,heavy barrel. Shot 5 shot group under 3 quarters of an inch with Hornaday ammo. Leopold 4×12 scope. Excellent triger. Would recommend this rifle to anyone.

  115. Brad B

    I own three vanguards and soon to be four. You just can’t find a better deal in a “budget” rifle. All my vanguards are shooters right out of the box. Very pleased and a life long customer.

  116. Buddy

    Took 3 shots to sight scope in out the box. You can get the performance of a three thousand dollar rifle with the 600 dollar weatherby unbelievable.

  117. Tanner

    I am very disappointed in my .300 Win Mag Vanguard. I don’t believe it is the company nor their quality of work. I do believe I bought the lemon. I have taken this gun to two different shops and whether it’s me behind the trigger or them, we cannot get this thing to group. Since I was young I always dreamed of owning a Weatherby .300 sounds cliche, but it was the first gun I shot a deer with. I called Weatherby and switched factory ammo 4 different times & still no change. The best was the Barnes Vor-Tx. I will continue to buy Weatherby rifles, just wish this story had a better outcome. I will update this review, should there be a change in its performance. Obviously I am not a professional but I am confident in my ability to group a rifle at 200 yards and this thing is just not cutting it.

  118. BC

    The Vanguard 2 chambered in .308 may be the last rifle that i buy. I have many others, some far more expensive, but this one is deadly accurate, lightweight, tough and has a great trigger. The .308 handles whitetail, mule deer, hogs, aoudad sheep, coyotes and everything else I’ve shot at. You’ll never regret having this gun in your arsenal.

  119. Chris D.

    I purchased my Weatherby S2 chambered in 25-06 Rem. In 2012. It enabled me to harvest a nice Alabama 8 point at over 300 yards with ease. A great rifle!!

  120. Francois

    I’m a first time owner of a Vanguard…bought this great rifle brand new for $640.00 in Sydney, Australia. Great was my surprise to see how accurate this budget rifle is. Everything on the firearm works well, bolt action is very smooth and precise, safety works flawlessly, and the accuracy is unreal. Was able to shoot groups of MOA at 100 m without too much effort, hot or cold barrel.

    I’m a very happy customer, thanks Weatherby!

  121. Mystro

    There are alot of budget rifles that have a good reputation for accuracy. The problem is that most feel cheap with plastic trigger guards, flimsy stocks, etc… (Tikka would be one of those cheap feeling rifles). What the Vanguard 2 brings to the market is the accuracy with a quality build. Aluminum floor plates,trigger guards, etc.. A adjustable trigger without a silly split trigger safety.

  122. Dave c

    First time I’ve ever owned a Weatherby vanguard. All I can say is I love it and recommend them to anyone

  123. m.w.h

    i was looking for a new varmint rifle and spent a year doing research on all the different rifles out there. i picked up the s2 in march and preformed the recommended barrel break in. groups with 55 grain v-max are 1/2 inch at 100 yards. tested the rifle with a mill dot burris scope out to 550 yards, group size was about 2.25 inches. thank you weatherby for making a excellent and affordable rifle !! accuracy is beyond expectations. fit and finish is also excellent.

  124. Larry S.

    I’d been wanting to buy a 30-06 hunting rifle for several years to provide a little more downrange energy on elk than my Howa Model 1500 in .270. After looking at quiet a few rifles in 30-06, I finally stumbled across the Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 and was pleasantly surprised at the feel and fit (for me) of this rifle.

    I’m not a believer in “barrel break-in” as I’ve never done it on any rifle I’ve ever owned and have had great accuracy from all of them. That said, I took three sets of ammunition and my new Vanguard to the range. The amunition included Federal 150g Sierra Game King BTSP, Federal 180g Vital Shok Nosler Accubonds, and my hand loaded 165g Nosler Accubonds.

    The Federal Sierra Game Kings produced a 5 shot group at 1.05″ with 3 rounds clover-leafed. The Federal Vital Shok had a 5 shot group at .905″. The handloaded 165g Nosler Accubonds (5 rounds) grouped at .82″ with a 3 shot cloverleaf. These were shot after an initial barrel cleaning, but with the gun being brand new and unfired to that point.

    I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Buy this rifle. Fit, function and finish are great and you will not be disappointed.

  125. mike the milkman

    I purchased a Weatherby Vanguard 257 mag. to replace a stolen browning 243 bar. wow did I do the right thing. My 15 year old son has claimed it for the past 2 years of deer hunting and today Santa just purchased him his own. I will get my vanguard 257 back December 25th. More fun to shoot than a 22. Perfect rifle for a young and smaller teen.

  126. Perry

    Bought my Vanguard a couple years ago. Put a Bushnell Elite scope on it. I was experimenting with long range shots at my gun club. Have always been happy with its accuracy, but I didn’t know how good this Weatherby was until I put a Kenton Industries turret on it last week. My gun club rifle range has steel animal targets, chickens at 220 yards, pigs at 330 yards, turkeys at 440 yards and rams at 550. My buddy was on range finder and called them out. I spun the Kenton turret and the chicken dropped. He called it out again, I adjusted the turret, and down went the pig. Same for the turkey and ram. First shot each time…I felt like it was cheating! This gun has a smooth trigger and bolt right out of the box. Love it!

  127. Comanche6

    I boresighted my Vanguard and headed right to the range with a box of .22-250 45gr. I could cover my first 3 shots with a nickel. Any flyers were clearly my fault. The action is silky smooth, the fit and ergonomics are superb and the finish is near flawless. Will be buying another and recommending them to others.

  128. fishmaster

    My short barrel 308 did a # on a cow elk at 450 yds topped with a quality scope I was able to put the x on the elk adjust my moa and bingo one shot kill.

  129. Henry

    My .243 win is my “go to” rifle for whitetail, hogs and coyotes. This tack driver puts the bullet in the impact zone time after time and makes tracking, if necessary, a short walk.

  130. David H.

    The s2 synthetic in 300 WBY MAG was my first rifle after my military service. It was quite a jump from my service rifle but after shooting it for the first time I was hooked. I loved it so much and I loved shooting it out to 1000 yards. It was the best rifle I had owned and unfortunately it was stolen from me. I will definitely be buying another one in the future.

  131. dark knight

    ALL 5 OF MY VANGUARDS, THREE IN 7MM REM, 1 22-250, AND 1 IN 300

  132. joie54

    I own a lot of weatherby guns but this one is my new bread and butter gun for in the field if i am in Wyoming hunting dogs or in Alaska hunting wolfs

  133. Dave

    Well made, accurate, and a quality product. Mine shoots as advertised with Hornady American Whitetail ammo, as well as Barnes Vortex 168 and 180 gr. Extremely accurate. Only down point was that the 30-06 that I have beat up my shoulder when wearing a T-shirt without any padding. So I added a Limbsaver slip-on pad on top of the factory pad and I can now shoot in comfort with a T-shirt in hot weather. The slip-on pad fits well, and looks and feels great, even with heavier loads.

  134. Dss

    Purchased this rifle in .30-06 in 2000.

    I am primarily a bow hunter but occasionally rifle hunt. As a result, I didn’t want to wrap up a ton of money in something I might not use every season.

    I have yet to be let down or disappointed by this rifle.

    Great accuracy, great dependability – all at a very affordable price.

    Put a good piece of glass on this rifle and you’ll be pleased and confident for years to come.

  135. Harold1950

    i liked the rifle’s lines when I first saw it. Now that I have it, I like it even more. Was concerned at first about the material used in the stock but it seems well made and I don’t expect any problems with it. Rifle shoots good, better than I can and I’m fine tuning my shooting to improve to be a better shot with it. I plan on deer hunting with it next year and expect some longer shots than I’m used to but I know the 7mm-08 will handle it. Thanks Weatherby for such a good product. Always liked the Weatherby, grew up hearing about them and wanted one. Now I have one!

  136. Tony P

    Over the years I have owned many Weatherby rifles. Although for good reason, I sold them all but always wanted to re-own this brand. I currently own 2 Vanguards; a Deluxe with an absolutely incredible wood stock in .270 Win and a current Series 2 in .300 Wby Mag. This most current gun is pleasing to hold; the palm swell is comforting. I have a slight issue with where the pistol grip and forend inserts meet the Griptonite stock, it is somewhat sharp on the hand. But the accuracy, 1/2 MOA 5 shot groups with my handloads, balance of the rifle and trigger pull more than make up for that minor irritant. I will not hesitate to choose this rifle for deer, antelope, mulie or elk hunting. 5 stars easily earned!

  137. nohalo

    I bought this in 22-250. It’s an excellent shooter with a slick bolt and very ridged stock (important when barrel rests on stock). I dinged the quality rating because the bore came with several scratches in it and I was unable to get the trigger down to 2#.

  138. Gilmore

    I began a search for another rifle to bench shoot and hunt with. I have had the opportunity to shoot all sorts of rifles from friends and family. I had even considered rifles two to three times as much as what the vanguard is priced at. I also was looking for a bolt action in 6.5 Creedmoor I did alot of home work one the cartridge and on the rifles. I decided on the vanguard because of weatherby reputation and it felt right in my hands and shouldered. And I was impressed I can shoot wholes through holes on hand loads and factory ammo at 100 yards and keep a grouping at .75″ at 210 yards and I’m sure it will be a real winner the 600yd shoot at my local range. I’ll be bying another one soon.

  139. Philip

    Bought a used Vanguard 7mm Rem Mag at a gun show approx. 5 years ago. I replaced the marred synthetic stock with a wood thumb-hole custom stock and put a Redfield Revenge scope up top. Using Winchester Ballistic Silvertip 150 gr ammo, I’ve taken down deer and hogs at distances varying between 100 and 400 yards. Each time, the animal dropped. Anytime I can put meat on the table, that I didn’t have to track after I shot it, it’s a good day. Waiting for detachable mag kit for more firepower at longer ranges.

  140. Ridgerunner

    Purchased an S2 in 7mm Mag two years ago. The accuracy is as advertised, sometimes better with my hand loads.. A moose, an elk and a deer taken the first two years. Money very well spent!

  141. murf

    Only thing that could improve this rifle would be a left hand model

  142. Archie

    bought a weatherby s2 in .308 win for shooting wild pigs here in Australia. Nice rifle but tuned trigger back to 2 lbs. Accurate rife for pigging,she knocks the socks off the pigs mate!!!

  143. Weatherby Fan

    I have two of the Vanguard S2 rifles,25-06 and the 240 Wby, the 240 with Factory Weatherby 85 gr TSX ammo will shoot 1/2 groups at 100 yards anytime as long as I do my part, I have on occasion put 3 shots in the same hole,
    I used Talley 1 piece lightweight rings and a Leupold VX3 3.5-10×40 duplex scope for a perfect combination.
    For the money, IMHO you can’t buy a better out of the box rifle right now, it has one of the nicest triggers I’ve ever felt on a rifle, I have several rifles that cost 3 and 4 times the price of the S2 and don’t shoot that well.

    I only wish Roy could see the amazing job his family is doing with the Weatherby company.
    Thank you and keep up the great work.

    Don Lynum
    Weatherby Fan

  144. LN

    I recently purchased a Weatherby Vanguard 2 in .308. I followed the recommended break-in procedures and the rifle shoots great. I am getting .75 inch groups or better, at 100 yards, with Federal Premium Game King BTSP ammo. With cheaper Winchester PowerPoint 150 grain ammo I am getting 1 MOA groups. I am very happy with the rifle. Great job Weatherby!

  145. Paul

    I have a series one vanguard synthetic in 270 wsm. I’ve taken game in size from sheep to elk to scimitar oryx. This rifle never fails me. Loaded with Nosler partitions or ballistic tips great groups and consistency. I have no need for another rifle to hunt with. This one does it all for me.

  146. Billy C

    Have in 243, taken deer with older vanguard in 300 WSM. 243 shot hornady custom 100 grain boat tail unbelievable. Unfortunately hornady discontinued. Have federal premium 100 gr Sierra game king btsp I am anxious to try. If it shoots as good, will expect .5 inch groups or less at 100 yards, hornady groups typically touching. Best what we call $500.00 rifle on the market. S2 seems to be better quality with a much better trigger than older models. Cannot go wrong. Will add 7mm Rem mag in the future.

  147. Brad

    I own two Weatherby Vanguard rifles. These rifles can’t be beat for the money. The quality and accuracy of a Vanguard is second to none. I don’t see paying over 7-800$ for a gun unless it’s a 50 cal or something of that nature. However in today’s market you usually get what you pay for. Meaning if you buy a rifle for 600$ or less you might as well buy a sling shot. Well Weatherby broke the rules on the “you get what you pay for” deal. These rifles are of absolute great quality and the accuracy is something you would only expect out of a custom rifle. If you have any doubts about buying one of these rifles because you think “you get what you pay for” I can tell you, you have no worries and you won’t be disappointed. There is a variety of calibers to fit any of your shooting needs. Let’s not forget the superb customer service you will get when you purchase a Weatherby product either. I know I sound like I work for Weatherby’s sales dept. but I assure you I am just a coal miner from KY that loves to hunt and shoot and wants the best quality for my hard earned money.

  148. Brandon

    I have an S2 in 270 Win that is the most accurate rifle I have shot.

    These rifles need to be made in 270 WBY and 7MM WBY.

  149. 80 camaro

    I’m from south Texas and I just want to say this rifle is my deer ,cyot,and hog gun.
    I also own many other brands of rifles .vanguard is extremely good rifle .
    I have to say i also want to sell other rifles to buy more vanguards.
    257 shoots dam good! 100,200,300,400 no problem for this caliber even out to 700
    (Can’t wait for deer season) thank you weatherby

  150. Fatnugly

    I recently purchased a .223 Vanguard S2 in Synthetic Blued and I am stoked at how accurate this rifle is. On paper I just get a ragged hole 3 or 5 shot 100yd group with others not knowing the difference or so they tell me. This gave me great confidence in the field and it has accounted for quite a few pests in its first outing. Feeding the rounds was smooth and trouble free. Not overly happy with the blueing as it marked easily however that’s a minor issue. I put a Zeiss Conquest HD5 5-25 x 50 on top and it is now my go to rifle. The Ruger Win Mag stays in the safe. Thanks Weatherby. Very very happy.

  151. Flatland shooter

    I have 3 of these. A 223,240, and a 257. All 3 shoot under a 3/4 of an inch. The 240 under a half inch and the 257 a ragged hole. These shoot better than any mark v I have ever owned. I just got the 223 so I haven,t had a chance to find what it really likes yet. In the 240 use a stout charge of western powders magnum with a Winchester WLRM primer and a speer 100 gr BT and seat to 3.2 oal. You will like it.

  152. rich

    I currently own these weatherby’s in the following calibers: 22-250, 240 weatherby mag, 257 weatherby mag, 7 mm 08, and 300 weatherby mag. I am hoping in the future they will bring out in the vanguard the 270 weatherby mag, the 7 mm weatherby mag, and the 340 weatherby mag, and maybe, just maybe the 375 weatherby. I’ve owned my first weatherby vanguard in the early 1980’s. I saved up monry and bought what would now be the weatherby vanguard deluxe in 300 win mag. Sadly, I lost it to a house fire, but I now have the ones I’ve purchased since then and they are better than ever!

  153. Ghjhighlander

    Had mine for 3yrs now in 270 Win. with no issues. Shoots factory 150 gr. bullets while benched, warmed and fouled barrel at .74 inches. Can’t ask for more than that and highly recommend this rifle. You end up with twice the performance at half the cost and have a durable functional rifle.

  154. Lee

    What we have here is a rifle built the way a rifle should be built. One piece bolt and handle machined from forged steel. One piece receiver and recoil lug machined from one piece of forged steel. An excellent trigger and accuracy guarantee to boot. Compare it to the multiple piece bolts/receivers of the competition which cost more, in some cases much more, and judge for yourself. I have three Vanguard S2 (25-06, 30-06, and .338 Win) and am waiting for number four in .375 H&H. It’s just an excellent rifle–period.

  155. RAF

    Best and most accurate rifles for the money period.!!!
    I own four. I keep selling most of my other rifles and replacing them with Vanguard’s. Nothing come close for the price.

  156. Larry

    I’d been wanting to buy a 30-06 hunting rifle for several years to provide a little more downrange energy on elk than my Howa Model 1500 in .270.

    After looking at quiet a few rifles in 30-06, I finally stumbled across the Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 and was pleasantly surprised at the feel and fit (for me) of this rifle. As the barrel and action are made by Howa (my .270 is a sub 3/4″ shooter), I believed that the shooting characteristics would be excellent…and I wasn’t disappointed.

    I’m not a believer in “barrel break-in” as I’ve never done it on any rifle I’ve ever owned and have had great accuracy from all of them. That said, I took three sets of ammunition and my new Vanguard to the range. The ammunition included Federal 150g Sierra Game King BTSP, Federal 180g Vital Shok Nosler Accubonds, and my hand loaded 165g Nosler Accubonds.

    The Federal Sierra Game Kings produced a 5 shot group at 1.05″ with 3 rounds clover-leafed. The Federal Vital Shok had a 5 shot group at .905″. The handloaded 165g Nosler Accubonds (5 rounds) grouped at .82″ with a 3 shot cloverleaf. These were shot after an initial barrel cleaning, but with the gun being brand new and unfired to that point.

    I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and the experience only re-enforced my belief in any barrel/action made by Howa. Buy this rifle. Fit, function and finish are great. You will not be disappointed.

  157. Extremely accurate

    I have a fancy 270 Win, a super fancy AR10 type in 7.62/.308 Win and the Vanguard .308. The Weatherby Vanguard is the most accurate gun of them all.

    Only problem is that if you buy this inexpensive rifle, you won’t have an excuse to upgrade to a prettier gun. Buy a painting instead maybe.

  158. Riflelooney

    Shoots like a house afire! I bought one in .257 Whby Mag and it puts 3 shots in less than 1″ at 100 yds., and about 1.5″ at 200 yds. I handload and have had great success with the Barnes TTSx and Hogdon 1000 Extreme. Can’t wait to go deer hunting in PA this year!

  159. Shakey

    Just got my hands on my new Vanguard…30.06…synthetic…I love this gun…paired with a Leupold VX2..I got such a great deal..feel like a kid on Christmas morning…LOVE IT!..Always wanted a Weatherby!…Super Excited!…can you tell?…lol

  160. Jaeger

    Just bought my S2 in 30-06 and already is showing what a shooter it is! So impressed that I immediately ordered another one in 25-06 due in next week and will follow up with a .338 Win mag and the .375 H&H magnum as soon as they hit the market. Yes, I like them that much and I also own an Accumark in .300 Wby which are outstanding as well. Now if they just offered the Vanguard in .300 H&H magnum to go along with it’s big brother……

  161. TIM

    After already owning a Mark V Accumark in .257 Weatherby Magnum and a Vanguard M.O.A. in .338 Winchester Magnum, I purchased a Vanguard S2 in .300 Weatherby Magnum as my third Weatherby product and couldn’t be happier. Comparing this rifle against the 700 Remington or 77 Ruger ( I have several of each) and the Weatherby comes out on top in every category. Function, price, accuracy, caliber choice, the synthetic stock and great looks, it’s a winner no matter what. You get a great product at a great price and I recommend the S2 to everyone in the market for a new rifle.
    Don’t buy elsewhere…get you a Weatherby S2 !

  162. hawkeye

    great gun i have a vanguard 300 wby mag. with a 165 it shoot a 1/4 inch 3 shot group at a 100 yd.

  163. Triston P.

    I bought this rifle about 6 months ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. I got the .270 win model. I also bought a Vortex scope to go on it. Together they are a big game killing machine. The rifle shoots great, I got a nice 10 point buck kill with last deer season. Weatherby isn’t lying when they say this rifle is very accurate because it shoots exactly were I want it to. Overall this is an excellent rifle. Keep up the good work Weatherby!

  164. Mike B.

    Mine is a 7mm-08 Rem. w/ a Vortex Crossfire 4×12 in Leupold PRW rings & bases.It shoots 140gr. Nosler Accubonds into 1 1/2 ins. at 200 yds. All the time. Successful on antelope, pigs, mule deer & lots of coyotes here in northern Nevada. Excellent value for the price.Durable, easy to maintain.I highly reccomend this rifle!

  165. Rob

    Always wanted a Weatherby. Bought a Vanguard 2 in 2014. More accurate than I can shoot, smooth action,nice ethos. .257 WM shoots flat with modest recoil. What’s not to like?

  166. Soca ball

    purchased a weatherby S2 in 240 Weatherby Magnum, thought if I was going to by a weatherby, should be in a weatherby caliber. Smaking pigs and Deer all the way out to 400m with a 85 grain pill and don’t have to allow for elevation, they just don’t get back up. First 3 reloaded rounds went into 1/4 inch. I use this rifle for everything in North Queensland , Australia and very comfortable to carry around for hours at a time

  167. grinchjr

    nice smooth action

  168. practical

    Got my first Weatherby product in the vanguard s2 in 2012. .75 moa and better CONSISENTLY in 22-250. Good stock, excellent trigger, nice recoil pad, excellently smooth bolt, and sub MOA out of the box. Nothing better for the money.

  169. The Brit

    I own the VANGUARD SYNTHETIC 30-06, it was my first gun and i love it. Amazing accuracy relatively light and well balanced. A real treat to shoot!

  170. pete

    great rifle, well finished , .5 MOA @ 100 YDS with hand loads,
    money well spent, very pleased with rifle,

  171. high plains hunter

    Great product, well made and well finished! One great price. I now own two, 223 and 308.

  172. Dan

    I own a 25-06 and a 270 in the Vanguard. Accuracy is excellent in both. Couldn’t be happier with these rifles. If I add another rifle to the mix it will be a Weatherby!

  173. John from Boise

    I purchased your Vanguard S2 in 257 Wby the first year it was produced. I shot
    2 rounds at 200 yds almost in the same hole! I own LOTS of rifles from most of the manufacturers and this is the most bang for the buck rifle I own. I am hoping to purchase another Vanguard S2 in 6.5 Creedmoor, or if Weatherby decides to come out with a 6.5mm Weatherby magnum I can wait a year or two.

  174. Free

    I have the Weatherby 300 mag and I’m very satisfied with the performance. At 200 yards, I can get a 1/2 inch group pattern with 5 shots. The deer I shot in Oklahoma dropped instantly. I would recommend this rifle to anybody shopping for a rifle.

  175. Bullfrog

    I have a 223 vanguard and a 300 wby mag mark V. As a ex sniper I can really stretch them out. They both preform as advertised.

  176. Berq

    These rifles can not be beat accuracy is as good as any! function of action excellent, nice looking rifle. I own 4 and will buying more.

  177. stanleygks

    I bought a 240 Wby Magnum and it is the most accurate sporter-weight rifle I’ve ever shot. The first group fired with factory ammo measured .60. A hand loaded Sierra GameKing groups under .5. A tremendous rifle at a tremendous value.

  178. Perry

    Was looking for a new gun for hunting, and a gun store owner led me in the direction of a Weatherby. Never thought of owning a Weatherby but listened to him talk up the gun and company. He claimed for the money the Vangaurd was the best buy. Bought the Vangaurd. Mounted a Bushnell Elite Tactical scope. Sited it in at the range in just a couple shots and was in business! Hitting plate consistantly out at 550 yards! Love the gun!!!

  179. Andy Sipowicz

    Truly an exceptional rifle for fit and finish, accuracy, function. I have one in 300 Win mag Synthetic. This rifle far exceeds any other manufacturer in this level. To be quite honest this rifle would match most upper end models. My next purchase, maybe two, will be a 257 Wby and a 7mm-08. This is just a thought but I would like to see a detachable magazine in short action models.

  180. Randy

    This rifle is one of the best that I own.
    The bolt is butter smooth and the price cannot be beaten!

  181. Cvwdrummer

    When I bought this rifle (22-250, Bull barrel) the salesmen said that the gun is capable of shooting more accurate then I can aim. In other words, any inconsistencies with my groupings will be the sole result of human error. Thats what sold me on buying it and I must say it has definitely lived up to that claim! After sighting in and tuning my scope I am consistently getting 1 inch groups at 200yds (using nosler varmageddon 55g). I have ruled out that the only reason I am not getting 1/4″ groups at the 200 is purely the fault of my technique. After more practice and work on my technique, I am sure I can achieve 1/4″ groups or better at 200 yds consistently. Very good rifle at a very good price!

  182. 338WM

    I purchased this rifle in, you guessed it, 338 Win Mag. It has a smooth action, and was quick to sight in after barrel break-in. Even though the rifle was chambered in a magnum cartridge, the recoil was very manageable. I summed this up to Weatherby engineering the stock to minimize felt recoil. The synthetic stock also feels like it will handle abuse and inclement weather. Even though its not as beautiful as a mark V, it still makes me smile every time I see it in my gun safe. My advice is to buy one and see for yourself.

  183. Gunmonkey

    Here’s the deal; I bought the Vanguard Synthetic in 257 Weatherby Magnum. Followed the barrel break-in procedures, but figured, “Why not shoot for group during break-in?” Using Weatherby’s cheapest 100gr. bullets, I had the scope roughly dialed in to hit 2.5″ high at 100 yards in 3 rounds and backed off to 300 yards. The remaining 7 shots were all within a 2 5/8″ group. This was after cleaning the barrel after each shot. That was as far as I got (Wife called me for supper). I wasn’t really being careful about my aim, and I’m not the greatest shot by any stretch, and I was shooting from sand bags. When I continue with the break-in next weekend, I’ll use my rifle rest and be a little more careful about my aim, the results should be even better.

    The fit and finish of the gun is great. Nothing like you’d expect from a $600 rifle.

  184. Terry

    I bought this rifle in September after deliberating over Winchester and Browning for quite awhile. I cannot believe the quality of rifle for the money I paid. The trigger is crisp and the rifle sits well in the shoulder and hand. I bought this rifle in 30.06 and it hits 1/4 inch at 100 yards all day with regular federal 180 grain. Rugged and light weight I nailed my moose with it at 350 yards and it wasn’t a pain to pack out with my moose. Great job on this rifle.

  185. The Texan

    I have two: one in .308 and one in .243.
    The S2 is a significant improvement over the older models.
    They are extremely accurate rifles right out of the box, and the fit and finish is great.
    I gave it high marks based on its price range. It is not a custom gun, so don’t expect the moon and the stars. But, in the “basic hunting rifle” category it excels.

    They are now offering a .375 HH model…. now that is interesting !

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