Weatherby has a commitment to only sourcing cartridge cases from the most premier brass manufacturers in the world. Built to exacting standards, our premium brass is extremely consistent which helps us maintain the tight tolerances Weatherby is known for from casing to casing. Our brass rifle casings are designed for long distance shooters who expect a low standard deviation in velocity paired with unmatched accuracy. We pride ourselves in our ability to hold those demands for an extended life load after load.

  • Match grade brass rifle casings
  • Extremely precise & consistent
  • Premium materials
  • Precision machined primer pockets
  • Extended reloading life
  • Tight Tolerances and Inspections:
    • Casing dimensions
    • Primer pocket measurement
    • Weight
    • Internal volume
    • Webbing thickness
    • Neck concentricity
    • Case hardness
    • Internal pressure testing