Team Weatherby

Team Weatherby is a group of respected professionals brought together by a common bond – a passion for hunting, shooting, and the great outdoors. Their status as public figures provides great awareness of ethical hunting, shooting, wildlife conservation, and our constitutional right to bear arms. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or just beginning your journey to becoming one, Team Weatherby provides a wealth of knowledge on all outdoor aspects.

We are incredibly proud they have chosen to represent Weatherby and have become valued members of our family. Each of their roads to success began with a dream. We are inspired just knowing their dreams came true and hope you are too.

Be Inspired – Chase Your Dream!

Candy Yow
Randy Yow
Sereena Thompson
Jessie Harrison
Marc Smith
Justin Gibbons
Tyler Crockett
Ryan Lampers
Brian Call
Casey LaVere
Eric Chesser
Brian McElrea
Kyle Green
Mark Kenyon
Brody Henderson
Ryan Callaghan
Janis Putelis
Steven Rinella