Custom Shop Scope Mounting

Weatherby Rifle and Scope Package

The gunsmiths of the Weatherby Custom Shop want you to have the best experience possible with your new custom Weatherby Rifle and Scope Package.

  • Your scope package has been boresighted to your rifle. Boresighting typically gets the scope close enough to be on target, but the rifle will still need to be zeroed with the ammunition you will be using.
  • If you purchased the Range Certification upgrade with your rifle, our gunsmith will zero the rifle at our indoor 100 yard range. Due to ammunition and shooter differences, it is important for you to confirm/adjust zero with your ammunition of choice. This is also essential because each shooter holds and shoots a rifle slightly differently than the next.
  • We recommend that you check your boresight before shooting your new rifle, in addition to running a clean patch through the bore to ensure it is free of debris and oils. Sometimes scopes can shift during shipping and you also might live at a different altitude/climate than Sheridan, Wyoming – both which could result in a different point of impact than when our gunsmith set the rifle up.
  • We will adjust the scope’s position and parallax for the gunsmith mounting it, which may or may not be ideal for you. Each shooter places their head at a different point on the comb of the stock, meaning some adjustment may be required. If you don’t feel confident in setting the parallax properly, consult you local gunsmith or local gun shop for assistance.
  • If you do have to move the scope or remove it for whatever reason, it is absolutely normal for some discoloration or minor scratches to form under scope mounts and under scope rings.
  • The recommended torque specifications for most of the mounts we use is 18 inch/pounds for the base screws, and 17-20 inch/pounds for the ring screws.
  • Optics carry a warranty through their manufacturer. In the event of an issue, please consult that manufacturer regarding repair or replacement as they are the provider of that warranty.