Mark V – TLR Signature Series

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    This exclusive Mark V Thompson Long Range Signature Series is available at the link below

    Thompson Long Range – Mark V Signature Series

    2 reviews for Mark V – TLR Signature Series

    1. Charles Ruefenacht

      Straight out of the box accuracy to 1200 yds (30-378). Haven’t tried any further! Taken 6 elk from 234 yds to 700+. Introduced my outfitter to it. Now one of his first recommendations. Now I guide for him. It’s the “can I borrow your rifle”, rifle. Also 2 pigs. All one shot kills. Reticle is ballistically matched to the caliber. Low recoil. Sell off your dead money safe queens. It’s just awesome. Ditto in 240 Weatherby Magnum. First pig, 212 yards and one shot. If you can hold your sight picture, the gun does the rest.

    2. Brian Richardson

      Awesome most accurate rifle I’ve ever owned!! Fun to shoot and have the confidence at long range!

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