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A turbo-charged version of the popular 270 Winchester. In 1945, Roy Weatherby shortened the 300 H&H Magnum, blew out the body, necked it down to accept a 270 bullet and gave hunters a flatter shooting, harder hitting 270. Ideal for long-range, medium size game.



Bullet Type Ballistic Coefficient @ Muzzle 100 Yards 200 Yards 300 Yards 400 Yards 500 Yards
130 Grain Interlock 0.409 3350 3099 2863 2659 2426 2223
130 Grain TTSX 0.392 3400 3176 2888 2653 2430 2218
140 Grain Accubond 0.496 3275 3071 2877 2691 2512 2341
140 Grain Ballistic Tip 0.456 3275 3053 2843 2643 2451 2267
150 Grain Partition 0.465 3150 2939 2738 2546 2362 2185



Bullet Type Ballistic Coefficient @ Muzzle 100 Yards 200 Yards 300 Yards 400 Yards 500 Yards
130 Grain Interlock 0.409 3239 2773 2366 2011 1699 1426
130 Grain TTSX 0.392 3337 2838 2407 2032 1705 1420
140 Grain Accubond 0.496 3334 2931 2572 2250 1962 1703
140 Grain Ballistic Tip 0.456 3334 2898 2513 2171 1868 1598
150 Grain Partition 0.465 3305 2877 2497 2159 1858 1590



Bullet Type Ballistic Coefficient 100 Yards 200 Yards 300 Yards 400 Yards 500 Yards
130 Grain Interlock 0.409 2.9 3.6 0.0 -8.5 -23.0
130 Grain TTSX 0.392 2.8 3.5 0.0 -8.4 -22.8
140 Grain Accubond 0.496 2.9 3.5 0.0 -8.3 -22.2
140 Grain Ballistic Tip 0.456 2.9 3.6 0.0 -8.6 -23.0
150 Grain Partition 0.465 3.3 4 0.0 -9.3 -24.9

14 reviews for 270 Weatherby Magnum

  1. .270 wby fan

    Having grown up on.30 cal rifles the transition to this caliber was a windfall of sorts. I drew a ram tag in my home state of Colorado and a trip to the sheep and goat expo was in order. Bought one ticket for a Weaver custom 700 in .270 wby no less and won this draw as well. This rifle and caliber proved outstanding. After 2 and 1/2 weeks I found my ram in a bowl just below 13 k I the continental divide, about 20 degrees uphill and lasered 328 yards. A chip shot for this combo. The 3 Bulls have been taken farther… and again this caliber does not disappoint. Mild recoil and groups that are very sub Moa have left old meat in the pot in the safe at home. Can’t offer a better endorsement.

  2. elky007

    Have harvested many big game animals with this caliber at both close and far range. ( Far for me meaning between 400-500 yards) Took down a large mule deer buck this fall using a 140 gr. Accubond. Bullet performance was outstanding, retaining a large percentage of its mass. Would love to be able to post a pic of the bullet recovered. Have always appreciated the quality and consistency of Weatherby ammunition. If any down side, the $5.00 per trigger pull would be my only complaint.

  3. Ron

    Took my Weatherby 270 with me. The trip was only to refill feeders and reset hog trap. When we saw the herd of hogs run by at slightly over 100 yards, my friend said “get your rifle, they always run back the way they came”. They did. 3 quick shots dropped 2 hogs over 250 pounds and one oven size hog also. My gun operated smoothly and hit all 3 targets where aim was placed. All hunting shots taken have been productive. My Weatherby Vanguard is favorite of all guns I own.

  4. birddog

    A great flat shooting round with mild recoil and plenty of power. I bought my first 270 weatherby mag after shooting many calibers over the years I was amazed at how accuate and powerful with mild recoil it was. I have shot other 270 that kicked harder.

  5. Michael

    I love my 270 and have used it for years.

  6. Long dick johnson

    I have hunted my whole life and bought a 270 wby mag about 15 yrs ago. I have killed elk, hogs,mule deer, blacktails,coyotes and wouldn’t hesitate to shoot anything else with it. I have shot deer and hogs at ranges exceeding 550 yds and have never been disappointed. Extremely flat shooting and accurate! I absolutely love this rifle and highly recommend it to anybody. I recently handed down the gun to my son for a graduation gift and went and bought myself the same gun with an accumark stock and stainless steel fluted barrel..

  7. Speed Accuracy

    270WM is Plenty gun for any Big Game in NORTH AMERICA

  8. Big Jim

    Outstanding quality, accuracy and value.
    The first 3 rounds I fired,after sight in, harvested a large Whitetail buck, a 250 pound hog and a head shot on a turkey at 80 yards.
    This is my favorite rifle of all time. I wouldn’t use anything else

  9. Len

    i have used my 270 Weatherby mag for over 20 yrs now and have shot every Canadian game animal their is without any disappointment. from Grizzly to coyote i have downed them all without multiple shots. I highly recommend this rifle to anyone who can afford one. They are virtually trouble free for life.

  10. AKGUIDE101

    I have owned several .270 WM Mark V, first one was a German built early Weatherby’s, unfortunately that weapon got stolen. Bought another several years back as I just love that gun and cartridge combo. Both of them were/are very accurate, with many animals harvested and just plain enjoyment from shooting it. Ammo like most things has become expensive even for this breed, but reloading is great and fine tuning the set up is great as well. I enjoy several other Weatherby’s, 257 WM, 30-378 WM and look forward to the new Stud on the block, 6.5-300 WM!

  11. Wenas

    Accumark is the best rifle I own

  12. Rick

    Have used this Rifle since 1993, will down anything that walks, swims or crawl in the United States, Never been disappointed, mounted with a Burris Black Diamond, would not consider another.

  13. Jerry

    Accurate, accurate, accurate! My no.1 , go to rifle.
    Have owned mine for 20 yrs. Great for any game in U.S.
    Wouldn’t trade for anything else!

  14. Andrew M Zdobylak

    Well, all I’m going to say, it’s the only rifle I carry afield for the last 30 years. And, for some strange reason, I became a hand loader. Go figure.

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