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Introduced in 1963, the 340 Weatherby was designed as a response to the 338 Winchester Mag. However, Roy took advantage of the longer case to pack in more powder for greater velocity. And, it shoots heavier 338 bullets at higher velocities as well – a decidedly powerful combination. Ideally suited for animals the size of elk or larger, the 340 can also be used by deer hunters with lighter bullet weights.



Bullet Type Ballistic Coefficient @ Muzzle 100 Yards 200 Yards 300 Yards 400 Yards 500 Yards
225 Grain Spire Point 0.397 3066 2824 2595 2377 2170 1973
225 Grain TTSX 0.514 2970 2786 2609 2440 2276 2119
250 Grain Spire Point 0.431 2963 2745 2537 2338 2149 1968
250 Grain Partition 0.473 2941 2743 2553 2371 2197 2029



Bullet Type Ballistic Coefficient @ Muzzle 100 Yards 200 Yards 300 Yards 400 Yards 500 Yards
225 Grain Spire Point 0.397 4696 3984 3364 2822 2352 1944
225 Grain TTSX 0.514 4407 3877 3401 2973 2588 2243
250 Grain Spire Point 0.431 4873 4182 3572 3035 2563 2150
250 Grain Partition 0.473 4801 4176 3618 3120 2678 2286



Bullet Type Ballistic Coefficient 100 Yards 200 Yards 300 Yards 400 Yards 500 Yards
225 Grain Spire Point 0.397 3.6 4.4 0.0 -10.7 -28.6
225 Grain TTSX 0.514 3.7 4.4 0.0 -10.3 -27.2
250 Grain Spire Point 0.431 3.9 4.6 0.0 -11.1 -29.6
250 Grain Partition 0.473 3.9 4.6 0.0 -10.9 -28.9

9 reviews for 340 Weatherby Magnum

  1. Todd K

    When choosing a rifle and ammunition for the task the 340 Weatherby made the choice easy. Loaded with 250 grain nosler partition even the big boys drop like lightning hit them between the horns. Phenomenal performance on plains game. African animals are tough and the 340 Weatherby delivers performance at extended range.

  2. ranger4

    I have used my 340 Weatherby for Elk hunting for 25 years, and it performs
    superbly at all distances. I use handloads with a 210 gr. Nosler partition bullet
    and 90 grs. of H4831 powder. Needless to say, it packs a lethal punch on
    all North American game.

  3. Hell’s Canyon

    I was shooting at a steep downward angle and the bull was 413 yards away. He was facing towards me at slight angle I held at the base of his neck and shoulder. At the shot the bull tumbled down hill about 75 yds. I recovered the bullet intact just under the skin on the left ham it almost went completely through him from one end to the other. That was the 17th elk I have taken with my .340 I have always used 225 grain loading Outstanding

  4. Junior

    To much of a good thing you bet, using 225 grain Barnes triple shock bullets on buffalo, elk, deer and African plains game I have never had a cripple or had to use a second shot

  5. Chuck

    Positively love this caliber. Took an elk with it last year, and it did the job perfectly. Great caliber!

  6. Brett Beesley

    I have used my .340 loaded with the 225 grain Barnes TSX very successfully to take water buffalo, a banteng and scrub bulls here in Australia. Then in Africa I used it to take lion, lioness and plains game. It is a fantastic all round, do it all caliber.

  7. John Sokol

    Superior ammunition. This Weatherby factory ammo- 225 grain TTSX- shot well under MOA at 100 yds. from sandbags with a 9 power scope mounted on a stock 340 Weatherby Deluxe. In the field the results were devastating. One shot instant kill on a tough South Texas Nilgai from 100 meters. Instantaneous death – no kicking, twitching, nothing moving after the animal dropped with a broadside chest shot behind the shoulder. By comparison, a friend’s 250 grain Swift A frame, identical shot placement and distance, dropped his animal, but it took every bit of 5 minutes for his Nilgai to expire. Buy and use these cartridges – you won’t be disappointed. You don’t require a 250 grain or heavier bullet for maximum performance if you are using Barnes.

  8. Tom Benrus

    I used my 340 Weatherby Mag on Alaskan Brown bear on Kodiak Island. The ammunition I used was, the Weatherby Nosler 250 gr. Partition round. One shot, the thousand lb browney was down. There was no need for a second shot. I asked the outfitter before the trip if the 340 Weatherby Mag was sufficient for those big browns? His answer was short and quick. He said ” With that 340 Weatherby Mag I sure wouldn’t worry about it.”

  9. Nevada Chuck

    My 340 Accumark has been my elk hunting rifle for about 25 years. You can kill an elk with any caliber but bigger, heavier, and faster is better. That is why I prefer my 340 WB.

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