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6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum

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In 2016, Weatherby ushered in a new era in ballistic superiority by introducing both a new cartridge and a new caliber of bullet to the Weatherby line.

The 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum is the fastest production 6.5mm there is. Combined with high Ballistic Coefficient (BC) projectiles designed for long-range shooting, the velocity of the 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum opens a whole new world of possibilities and provides hunters with the terminal performance every Weatherby shooter is accustomed to.

Weatherby once again proving that nothing shoots flatter, hits harder, or is more accurate; now in 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum.



Bullet Type Ballistic Coefficient @ Muzzle 100 Yards 200 Yards 300 Yards 400 Yards 500 Yards
127 Grain LRX 0.468 3531 3309 3099 2898 2706 2523
130 Grain Scirocco 0.571 3476 3276 3084 2901 2726 2557
140 Interlock 0.465 3304 3085 2877 2679 2490 2308
140 Accubond 0.509 3300 3100 2909 2726 2551 2382
140 Grain A-Frame 0.401 3395 3122 2866 2624 2394 2176
156 Berger Elite Hunter 0.679 3050 2908 2770 2637 2507 2381


Bullet Type Ballistic Coefficient @ Muzzle 100 Yards 200 Yards 300 Yards 400 Yards 500 Yards
127 Grain LRX 0.468 3516 3088 2707 2368 2065 1795
130 Grain Scirocco 0.571 3487 3097 2746 2430 2145 1887
140 Interlock 0.465 3393 2959 2579 2574 2232 1927
140 Accubond 0.509 3385 2987 2631 2311 2023 1764
140 Grain A-Frame 0.401 3583 3030 2552 2139 1781 1472
156 Berger Elite Hunter 0.679 3222 2928 2658 2408 2177 1964


Bullet Type Ballistic Coefficient 100 Yards 200 Yards 300 Yards 400 Yards 500 Yards
127 Grain LRX 0.468 2.3 2.9 0.0 -7.1 -18.9
130 Grain Scirocco 0.571 2.4 3.0 0.0 -7.2 -19.0
140 Interlock 0.465 2.9 3.5 0.0 -8.3 -22.3
140 Accubond 0.509 2.8 3.5 0 -8.1 -21.6
140 Grain A-Frame 0.401 2.8 3.5 0.0 -8.6 -23.3
156 Berger Elite Hunte 0.679 3.3 3.9 0 -8.9 -23.3

15 reviews for 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum

  1. texasjohn

    i bought a 6.5-300 in an ultra light mark v. it shoots ok with factory ammo, but load info is hard to find. factory ammo like all weatherby ammo is way overpriced. i called and asked for help finding load info and was told we don”t do that. it”s because they want to sell that high priced ammo. i called nozler and was told that weatherby refuses to give them load info, also for the same reason, to sell high profit ammo. hodgden said it would be next summer before weatherby would give them the info to develope load data. i own weatherby rifles in 240,257,6.5 creedmore,308 rem, 270 weatherby, 300 weatherby, and 6.5-300 weatherrby. if i had it to do over again, i would not buy the 6.5-300 until more info was available. i put a burris eliminator 3 on it when i bought it but now i took it off and put it on my 300. i put the 6.5-300 in the back of my safe and will leave it there until info becomes available. i wanted to be the first of my group to own this gun, but now i wish i would have waited.

  2. ORIGNAL 6.5


  3. 450 #2 nitro Express

    I wanted one of these since the late 60s when the original pennsylvania 1000 yd. club were using them. I have owned one since 2001 and must like it because it is on its third barrel. It is very flat and deadly. One must chose his bullet wisely if using on game as it will over stress ordinary bullets. If you need the flatest hardest hitting caliber, this is the one for you. All my barrels have been 28″ in length so achieving factory ballistics is a cake walk.

  4. rcb

    way to go Weatherby

  5. Calibercollector

    I had one built off a vanguard action that was originally a 300wby. While its a 1″ gun with the 127 and 130gr factory loads its a single hole cluster with 130gr berger vld hunting bullets. Giving my 26 nosler to the boy and keeping this for myself, its a winner.

  6. Bob

    I’ve owned a 6.5STW since it was first introduced by Layne and needed to rebarrel after many years of great performance on game. Weatherby introduced the 6.5-300 at just the right time so I chose that chamber since STW brass was getting hard to come by. So far in load development it easily makes the specified velocities, and accuracy looks encouraging. My barrel likes the 127 grain Barnes LRX bullet the best so far. Barnes lists US869 as the preferred powder and my results indicate this is probably true. I may work up some Retumbo loads as well just to see but there really is no need to do so.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Just put together my Terramark RC 6.5-300 with a Custom Shop Leupold VX5 3-15×44 CDS. Rifle shoots 140gr. Swift A-Frame so well, I had the knob cut using the data sheet. This round is a ROCKET!! will punch a hole through 6″ steel gong at 400 yds. I can’t wait to get into the box blind this year! Awesome rifle and round.

  8. Dave

    I bought my Mark 5 this spring. Topped it off with a Nikon 4.5-18×40 Prostaff S. And shooting Weatherby factory Select Plus 130 Grain Swift Scirocco Ammo. I took her out in the field this hunting season and let her eat. Let’s just say she will be the only rifle for me next season

  9. Chris

    I was using the 127 grain Barnes LRX round. Took three shots and ended up with three dead deer. Mild recoil with this bullet. I think it could take any animal with this bullet.

  10. Michigan Hunter

    I used the 127 grain LRX in my 6.5-.300 Wby ULW for whitetails in Michigan in November 2017. A nice mature buck came out about 150 yards away facing towards me. It was the only shot I had and it was getting dark. I had been shooting this load and 1/2” 3 shot groups gave me the confidence to take the shot. One shot went through its neck and dropped dead in its tracks. This bullet held together at high velocity when other bullets might have failed. Wby Select Plus premium ammo is everything it’s claimed to be.

  11. Big boy

    Shot a cow elk at about 900 yards away. Dropped it.

  12. Tucker

    Really like this gun and the round. Just dont use it on elk. Punches holes. In one side and out the other.

  13. Jerry

    I bought my new6.5/300 Weatherby last fall, I got to spend a short amount of bench time shooting it in, and I was empresses almost instantly, it was super fast and shot very tight groups being a large magnum caliber, the best thing was how it performed on the animal, the farthest shot was 487 yards and took a large muledeer straight to the ground

  14. Coonhhuter

    I have 3 of these rifles in a arroyo, terramark , and one custom accumark style , rifles I have took white tail deer with it and when they are shot they don’t go far , shooting the barnes 127gr bullet at any range is great , the 140gr swift does my Terra mark justice in accuracy, perfect long range rifles, even though my 270weatherby mags and 7mm weatherby are of my favorite I have chosen to carry my 6.5300 hunting

  15. Harry Babin

    Extremely Accurate! One jagged hole! Ammo is hard to get. I got another Weatherby Rifle in .270 Win to keep me in the field.

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