SA-08™ Deluxe

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I remind you how special I am every time you chamber a shell. After all, my name is engraved right there next to the bolt release button. Whether the game is feathered or clay, it’s an honor to be in good hands.

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There’s nothing like the look an upland dog gives a hunter when the bird keeps flying after the shots ring out. You can see it in their eyes, as if they’re saying “Really? You missed THAT ONE? After everything I did to find it and flush it? Unbelievable.” I can assure you, you’ll see that look a lot less with me in the field. My dual-valve, gas-operated system ensures flawless shell cycling and my exact fit will have you shouldering and swinging like a champ. You’ll never be able to blame me for a miss. It’s all on you to keep that dog smiling.


  • CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum receiver
  • Chrome plated bolt
  • Vented top rib
  • Brass front bead
  • Chrome lined bore
  • Drop out trigger system for easy cleaning
  • Dual valve gas system
  • Push-button safety


  • Beautiful select grade walnut stock with high gloss finish
  • 22 LPI checkering on pistol grip and forend


  • Available with 26-inch or 28-inch barrel
  • Rich high lustre finish on metalwork


  • Full
  • Modified
  • Improved Cylinder

Questions about Choke Tubes? View the Choke Tube Guide HERE.

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35 reviews for SA-08™ Deluxe

  1. DD

    It’s a shame that Weatherby discontinued the SA-08 in 28 gauge. I got one for my wife and we both love it. I wanted another but will have to scour used market to find one. What a fantastic little gun.

  2. birdman

    I have had the 12 ga sa09 for about 8 years and am in LOVE.

  3. GaryO

    I read all the reviews about 20 and 28 ga. SA-08’s, but nothing about the 12 ga. I own a twelve ga. SA-08 and it is the best shooting shotgun in my collection . I might add it is the softest shooting 12 ga. I own. I have a lot of more expensive shotguns, but my favorite is my SA-08 deluxe. I recommend if buying a new shotgun don’t over look the SA-08’s.

  4. Rob

    I wanted a SOFT shooting 20 gauge for my wife but also wanted something really nice in fit function and finish. So I bought a SA-08 Deluxe before the inertia guns came out. It is just perfect. Beautifully finished of course but DOES IT SHOOT WELL!!. Now, IF I had to buy it all over again I would NOT get the inertia operated gun. Yes, the gas gin needs more cleaning, but it is trimmer and the pistol grip is more natural. I would change nothing and would buy another in a New York minute! Now if we only had the nice older O/U guns back in Grade 2 and 3, plus the Anschutz bolt guns in rimfire. I was able to get both calibers for myself before the arrangement went away. They are simply beautiful rifles.

  5. Kevin

    I bought this gun in a 20 ga. a year ago and love it. I hunt ducks, geese, doves, quail, pheasant, and other game. Also trap, skeet, 5 stand, and sporting clays. Over 800 field loads and over 5,000 target loads. Still runs like brand new. Would highly recommend this and all other Weatherby shotguns to anyone looking for high quality guns at a good price.

  6. Fish

    I searched, studied, reviewed, and compared affordable shotguns for months. After all the results, I decided to try the Weatherby SA-08 deluxe. I hit the jackpot. The quality beats every gun in it’s class, the fit and finish is better than more expensive guns, it handles and cycles as nice as guns that cost 4 or 5 times as much. My son who is a stickler for quality, had his doubts, (he just spent 4 times as much on a Italian gun), but when he handled the Weatherby, he couldn’t believe it! He want to buy 2! one for clays, and one for the woods. Great job Weatherby! Keep it up! You’ll see us again for sure!

  7. TSL

    I first saw the SA-08 deluxe in 2013 and immediately bought it in 28 gauge. A few years later I added another in 20 gauge. My absolute two favorite guns to shoot hands down. I was sad to hear the 28 gauge is being discontinued and I may be buying another just in case.

  8. Gary

    I was in the market for a 20 gauge. After checking reviews of all 20 gauge shotguns i decided to buy the weatherby without touching one. Picked it up on the way to shoot 5 stand. Put it together and shot 41 out of 50 with mod choke. The gun felt great and worked great right out of the box. Next week after cleaning it, i took it pheasant hunting with 3″ no#5 shells. Gun worked great ! 4 birgs none missed .As owner of many browning shotguns i was very pleased with this is very similar to my other shotguns. After buying this gun, hunting buddies checked reviews and witnessing the gun in action were quite impressed.note there taste of guns is in the high end market .if you looking for a 20 buy it! Hope this helps.

  9. gun game

    hunt pheasant with it and works great!!!!!!!!

  10. Boy Scout Guy

    We have perhaps a dozen pump and Semi-auto shotguns at our scout camp. They are all 20 ga.and come in sizes to fit scouts from 12 to 18 years of age. The Weatherby SA-08’s are without question the best. We fire 6,000 to 8,000 rounds per year and more than a third of these go through our 3 SA-08’s. They are the only guns that never give us problems. I am an instructor and have too many shotguns already in my safe, but I still look at the SA-08’s and say, “What a great value for a great gun. One more can’t hurt.”

  11. Ron

    As the owner of 4 semi-auto shotguns I must say the quality and performance of the Weatherby SA-08 is equal to or surpasses guns costing twice as much. I can only compare it to my Remington 1100, Remington VersaMax, and my Browning A5 Ultimate. This gun points quick, and shoots even faster. The wood is good, maybe not as good as my Browning, but then again the Browning is a $1,550.00 gun. I picked up the Weatherby new in the box from a local dealer for $400.00 plus tax. Fit and finish is on par with any of the guns I own. This gun is the lightest 12 gauge I own, yet has the softest recoil (yes, less than the veritable VersaMax). All I can say is the Weatherby became my favorite out of the bunch. Buy one, you’ll be glad you did.

  12. Bill E.

    I have owned, shot, and been around shotguns of all types for 55 years and so when it came time to recommend a good reliable semi-automatic; I recommended the SA-08 to a friend. Out of the box I disassembled and cleaned it plus added the cast off shim because most RH people shoot better with a little cast off in the stock. This gun has done nothing but function flawlessly 100% of the time! No malfunctions of any kind, even with some very inexpensive ammunition used. My friend has shot it off and on for over a year without any cleaning, and it still never fails to function as designed. I see others having jams and having to fuss with their far more expensive Beretta autos and we just smile to ourselves. It also is a very soft shooting semi auto.
    Randy Wakeman was absolutely right about this shotgun. It is a very solid and simple design. I particularly like the dual piston feature as it keeps the wear and recoil to a minimum on the gun by controlling bolt speed. In 12 gauge all you need to remember is if it is 1 1/8 oz of shot or less, use the Light Load piston and 1 1/4 ounce or more, use the Heavy Load one. Takes not time to change pistons and no brain work required. It is unquestionably a far simpler and easier to clean system than the overly complicated and miserable to clean, spring gas compensating system used by Beretta. Too bad more people have not discovered the SA-08 because they are a high quality gun, quite attractive in the aesthetics department and cost about 30-45% what other makers charge for their gas autos. Good job Weatherby!

  13. Benelli Shooter

    I really like this light weight 20 GA. Weatherby shotgun. It shoots where I point it and is easy on the shoulder. Nice shotgun for the money!!

  14. Tim P

    First semi-auto I have every owned. Was a diehard pump guy by decided to try semi for pheasant hunting. Looked at much more expensive guns, had $1400.00 budget but went with the SA-08 Deluxe 12 gauge.

    Like it so much it is also my sporting clay gun now. Light to carry in the field and have never had a jam or other issue. Using Carlson chokes and 2-3/4 1 oz #6 or 7 Federal steel SpeedShot ammo.

    I have about 1500 rounds through the gun. Easy to clean and still looks as good as the day it came out of the box.

  15. Shotgunjimmu

    This is the best dollar per value semi shotgun I have ever owned! Light, durable, great fit and finish. Uses same accu chokes , as winchester, and mossberg. So chokes are easy to find. Like the changeable piston for light, and heavy loads. Low recoil. Just a awesome gun.

  16. DylanOrb

    I’ve owned by SA-08 Deluxe since spring of 2012 and i have thousands of shells through the gun. From heavy 3″ BB hunting Canada Geese to light 2 3/4″ skeet loads it cycles it all. The finish on the barrel and receiver has held up perfectly, honestly minimal scratches from being used hard for almost 5 years. The only problem i have with the gun is that the wood dint’s and dings quite easily, and the fore end wood is very thin, which caused mine to develop a crack down the centre, but it doesn’t the shooting ability of the gun. I’ve shot 3000$ semis and over/under’s and i still cant find a gun that feels this good and shoots this nice.

  17. Chuck C

    I’ve been shooting my 12ga SA-08 Delux for three years and just can’t say enough good things about the quality and efficiency of this shotgun. It has been a real pleasure to shoot and hunt with, “Go Weatherby!”

  18. TerMag

    I wanted a light weight gun to replace my old reliable (heavy) O/U.
    3yrs ago did a lot of shopping and comparisons and decided on a 20ga SA-08.
    I have fell in love with this gun for pheasant hunting. The light wgt is so nice and after many days afield it has never misfired once or caused any trouble.
    I use 3″ 1-1/4oz loads on pheasants but also do some grouse hunting with 1oz loads and with a quick switch the gun shoots both loads flawlessly.
    Buy one – you will not regret it.

  19. Sam M

    Purchased a 20 gauge deluxe a year ago and it has since become my go to all around upland gun – over my Beretta OU, Maxus Hunter, or Winchester SX3. Great quality build, flawless function, and light weight (half pound less than my SX3 20 gauge!) make it perfect for me. I’ve fired at least 1500 target loads through it and roughly 250 field loads of varying power levels – all cycled smoothly and with minimal recoil. I’ve laughed at the guys who sneer at Turkish built guns while outshooting them.

  20. Mick

    Undoubtingly the best 20 Ga shotgun I’ve ever owned, smooth action and light enough to carry all day. My favorite shotgun, and I have a few.

  21. Gmoney

    I have had this shotgun for a few years now. I bought it one the first year they came out. It has taken countless pheasants and a few turkeys in several states and never let me down. I have hunted with it in 70 to -20 degree weather in the rain and snow. A great shotgun for a reasonable price!

  22. Diania

    Love the elegant look . Great balance ,light weight and shoots flawless. One of the best birthday gifts ever

  23. Missourah Mule

    I’ve owned the 20 ga deluxe model for three years, and find it a joy to hunt with. It eats everything that I feed it without fail — I’ve not had one failure with any brand or size of shotshell.
    Lightweight and well-balanced, it carries all day like a dream, and mounts like lightening. It breaks down easily for cleaning, and is very well-finished, especially at this price-point.
    I could buy any brand that I want, and I admit to owning seven other shotguns of various makes and actions, all twelves; but I find myself carrying this shotgun more often than the others, with the exception of waterfowl and turkey hunting.
    Well done, Weatherby!

  24. Bigdog

    Best Shotgun I ever Owned,No Jams smooth trigger pull and no kick from a 12 ga.

  25. Jim Dancho

    I recently purchased a 28 ga / 26″ barrel SA-08. My third SA-08 ! Excellent craftsmanship, functioned flawless on clays, doves and quail. This is a total value purchase !

  26. Mike S

    Purchased SA-08 Deluxe 28 gauge 26″ in July 2014. Great light weight gun for grouse hunting.

  27. Nathan Francis

    Bought this Sa-08 in the 20g for my wife for her b-day. It has preformed flawless without any miss fires what so ever. I’m planning to purchase one for myself also in a 12g format.

  28. C.H.

    I’m more than pleased with my SA-08 Deluxe! The minor cost difference between this one and the Upland was worth the price for the quality of the wood. Overall fit and finish exceeded my expectations for a shotgun at this price point. It mounts are points like a dream. It’s certainly worthy of the Weatherby name.

    My only very minor nitpick would be that the finish on the receiver and the barrel are not a perfect match. Overall, in my mind it’s a minor thing for sure and doesn’t change my 5 star rating. This is a great buy for anyone wanting a great looking semi!

  29. Horatio

    This guns wood isn’t as pretty as that on the PA-08 Uplander I bought, but the gun has worked flawlessly, with a wide variety of shells. It was a good value for the wood and for the level of metal polish. It does kick just as hard as the PA-08 does, though..

  30. Toller John

    I really like the weight of the gun and with the 26″ barrel comes up nice. I works beautifully on all upland game.

  31. ken

    I have put over 3000 rounds through mine at the trap/sporting clays ranges in the year and a half that ive owned this gun. never had a fail to fire or fail to cycle yet! out performs others costing 3 times as much plus its a pretty gun! easy to clean, easy to shoot.

  32. et762ar

    Have had my shotgun 3yrs and shoot skeet and birds with it every year,never a malfunction. Great shotgun.

  33. J-Rose

    This gun was a surprise gift for my 40th birthday and I have to say its the best gift I’ve ever gotten. I’ve put about 400 rounds through it shooting skeet and not one hiccup at all. Lightweight, easy to clean and dependable. As good as a lot of guns that cost twice the price!

  34. MCL

    100 rounds first time out. 1190 to 1350 fps, 2 3/4″, no issues. As fast as you can target it is ready to fire. Numerous comments on the looks of the gun. Very pleased.

  35. JOHNEL


    FEEDS 2-3/4″ OR 3″ NO SNAGS !

    THANK YOU !!

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