SA-08™ Synthetic

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I’ve been used as a jon boat paddle. I’ve been belly crawled through mud. I’ve scored triples on ducks, doubles on pheasants and just cracked 100 straight at trap league. I am one tough shooter.

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The SA-08™ Semi-Auto Shotgun is Available Exclusively at & Bass Pro Shops

The SA-08™ Semi-Auto Shotgun comes with a durable synthetic stock that is impervious to wet weather. Based on Weatherby’s dependable dual-valve gas-operated system, with a chrome-plated bolt, that cycles 2-3/4″ and 3″ shells smoothly without binding or jamming. A CNC-machined aircraft-grade alloy receiver significantly reduces the shotgun’s weight, making it one of the lightest shotguns on the market; factory swivel studs provide the option to carry gun to and from the field with a sling. A vent-ribbed barrel with a single brass bead front sight allows instant target acquisition and fluid swinging. The Weatherby SA-08 Semi-Auto Shotgun comes with 3 screw-in choke tubes (F, M, and IC); threads accept optional Weatherby choke tubes. A drop out trigger assembly allows rapid field disassembly, and the chrome-lined barrel cleans effortlessly.


  • CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum receiver
  • Chrome plated bolt
  • Vented top rib
  • Brass front bead
  • Chrome lined bore
  • Drop out trigger system for easy cleaning
  • Dual valve gas system
  • Push-button safety


  • Lightweight and durable injection-molded synthetic stock
  • Swivel studs


  • Available with 26-inch or 28-inch barrel
  • All metalwork is matte black to reduce glare


  • Full
  • Modified
  • Improved Cylinder

Questions about Choke Tubes? View the Choke Tube Guide HERE.

How do you break in your shotgun? Check out the Shotgun section in FAQ HERE.

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60 reviews for SA-08™ Synthetic

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  1. Joey T

    Other than the recall on mine; a first year version…. it was a flawless gun. Love taking it to the skeet/ trap ranges and is handy in blinds or upland hunting or anything.. A great all around shotgun for the original price well below.. I think I paid about 400.00.

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  2. Uncle Shotty

    My SA-08 is the most reliable semi-auto shotty I have ever encountered. I listen to others complain about their much more expensive semi’s but they do not hear a peep out of me. Mine has gone BANG every single time and cleared out no problem, ANY load,EVERY time. I have had this in 12 gauge for 3 years now and I use it to hunt and shoot trap & skeet. I just purchased an Upland SA-08 in 12 gauge for my wife. She will love the look of her walnut features( and she will stop using mine!).

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  3. skelley

    Good Gun

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  4. Lals

    This gun works very well. Light, easy to carry, reduced felt recoil, shoots straight and true. Easy to service and clean. Real nice gun for the money. Have let two people borrow it, one for a pheasant hunt, the other for trap shoot. They liked it as well.

    Only quirk is you have to use at 1200 fps for the action to cycle consistently, but I knew that when I bought it. ( usually just target loads that are lower fps, hunting not an issue)

    Very happy with my purchase.

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  5. Sportsman LA

    I decided on the Weatherby SA-08 after reviewing numerous shotguns. I narrowed it down to two and went to my local gun shop and and felt both. I planned on spending $200 more on another shotgun until I shouldered the Weatherby. It felt awesome. I have broken it in at the skeet range, and it shoots great. I shot light and heavy loads. I did switch the piston for the heavier loads. Lots of shooting with no malfunctions. I did add a limbsaver after shooting some really heavy 3″ magnums. The weight of the gun does lend itself to a little more recoil with magnum loads. This is a great gun overall!

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  6. C dog

    I use mine for sporting clays and i have put over 500 rounds through it and not one jam and I never cleaned it between uses and still fires like new

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  7. Martypants

    My SA-08, from a craftsmanship standpoint, is a nicely made piece! Still a little stiff, and I thought by now it would have loosened up a bit. I’ll shoot it some more, and get back to you.

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  8. Terry

    Burned 100 rounds on skeet two days ago and only missed a few. I purchased my SA-08 20 ga from Sportsmans Guide last spring and finally got to give it a workout. This little 20 is perfectly balanced. Also my length of pull is short, and I was able to shorten the stock with a miter saw and re install the recoil pad. I re-shaped the recoil pad to the stock with a belt sander. It turned out great. Teal opens here next wed. 9/13 and I am really looking foreward to trying out the new Kent bismuth one ounce loads. My favorite 12 ga, is a Browning Maxus. I think I like this little 20 better. I am getting older and the light gun is a real pleasure to handle. I just have one . problem. The gun comes with two gas ejection rings, one heavy and one light. My question is, would a 3 inch black cloud one ounce magnum load be considered a light load or a heavy load??? The book says one ounce is a light load. I really don’t think so. Wish i would have had my heavy load ring with me the other day. I will not be able to get out and do any shooting again until opening day so I guess i will stick with the light load ring.
    The shotgun is put together well and comes apart exactly the same as my Maxus other than the magazine cap which does not exist on the Maxus.
    What was interesting was that the gun was normally dirty after 100 hand loaded rounds but there was no powder residue in the receiver. Neat.
    Would I recommend this shotgun to a friend??? Hell Yeah, I would recommend it to the world. A lot of really cool autoloader for a minimum of bucks.

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  9. Bill

    This is an excellent firing gun. The only drawback is the button for loading and unloading. It is in a difficult position which makes loading and unloading difficult.

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  10. Shooter

    My 8 year old son loves shootings clays with this gun. When we first took it it did not cycle two or three times. On the third time taking it out it did not cycle at all. I’m going to put a couple boxes of high brass through it and hopefully it solves the problem. The low recoil is great and the price was right.

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  11. I.G.

    Man it shoots I was shooting slugs and 00 buck and it just eats it all and on point and at a good price

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  12. Hainer

    out of the box and into the field, my first 2 shots dropped ducks DEAD. No problems here. For an entry level priced semi, this is outstanding value!

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  13. Hunter99

    Amazing gun light weight durable and accurate

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  14. Devils Creek

    Wanted a synthetic gun that was steel approved. Also wanted to reduce some weight for all day carry. Primarily a bird dog guy and upland hunter. Got a great buy on the model I wanted (26″) from Wholesale Sports Winnipeg.
    Did a full disassembly on getting it home, cleaned, & reassembled and put 75 rounds of promo Winchester 1 1/8 loads through her. Now I know these rounds are problematic on many autos, and even some doubles. Not a glitch. Gun is flawless. This is my 4th auto, and the only one that has worked flawlessly out of the box. I have owned Remington 1100’s, an 1187, and hunted with Berettas and Browning Silvers. Ithen put 250 rounds of cheap rounds through before disassembling and a wipe down. Not hardly dirty. Thanks to Randy Wakeman’s Reviews for putting me on to this gem. Probably will keep my 1187 for dedicated clays shooting (at 8 lbs it kicks a little less), but this will be my go-to pheasant, quail, and grouse gun.

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