SA-08™ Synthetic

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I’ve been used as a jon boat paddle. I’ve been belly crawled through mud. I’ve scored triples on ducks, doubles on pheasants and just cracked 100 straight at trap league. I am one tough shooter.

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The SA-08™ Semi-Auto Shotgun is Available Exclusively at & Bass Pro Shops

The SA-08™ Semi-Auto Shotgun comes with a durable synthetic stock that is impervious to wet weather. Based on Weatherby’s dependable dual-valve gas-operated system, with a chrome-plated bolt, that cycles 2-3/4″ and 3″ shells smoothly without binding or jamming. A CNC-machined aircraft-grade alloy receiver significantly reduces the shotgun’s weight, making it one of the lightest shotguns on the market; factory swivel studs provide the option to carry gun to and from the field with a sling. A vent-ribbed barrel with a single brass bead front sight allows instant target acquisition and fluid swinging. The Weatherby SA-08 Semi-Auto Shotgun comes with 3 screw-in choke tubes (F, M, and IC); threads accept optional Weatherby choke tubes. A drop out trigger assembly allows rapid field disassembly, and the chrome-lined barrel cleans effortlessly.


  • CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum receiver
  • Chrome plated bolt
  • Vented top rib
  • Brass front bead
  • Chrome lined bore
  • Drop out trigger system for easy cleaning
  • Dual valve gas system
  • Push-button safety


  • Lightweight and durable injection-molded synthetic stock
  • Swivel studs


  • Available with 26-inch or 28-inch barrel
  • All metalwork is matte black to reduce glare


  • Full
  • Modified
  • Improved Cylinder

Questions about Choke Tubes? View the Choke Tube Guide HERE.

How do you break in your shotgun? Check out the Shotgun section in FAQ HERE.

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60 reviews for SA-08™ Synthetic

  1. Guy A. Block

    I found one in camo with a 28″ barrel. A guy won it at a Ducks Unlimited banquet and never shot it. I bought it for a good price and used it this past duck season and for a few rounds of skeet. It has been flawless! I put a gasket in to reduce the drop, and it is now perfect for me. It’s light and still doesn’t have much recoil. I really like this gun.

  2. Randy

    I bought a used syn. SA-08 w the short barrel 3 yrs, ago for cheap w only the light valve and none of the shims for the stock.It was scuffed/scratched a bit but the action was stiff and tight and the chrome barrel was like a mirror.I cleaned it up and shot some clays before Dove season. I added a slip on adjustable butt pad for some more length of pull. When I went hunting I was very impressed w this shotgun.The light weight, the soft recoil, the mounting and swing were perfect and I was nailing the doves. I got the heavy valve and now it’s my favorite shotgun for dove/ducks and rabbits.

  3. Kalf

    What is not to like. It is accurate, reliable, solid, light, fires every time. It is easy to swing. Comes with three chokes. I have owned mine for about 5 years and take it skeet shooting mainly. Fires more reliably than most of the other, more expensive guns on the range. I know that Turkish made guns are not necessarily the best but look at the Internet and read the reviews on this gun. It is a very, very nice firearm.

  4. Joey T

    Other than the recall on mine; a first year version…. it was a flawless gun. Love taking it to the skeet/ trap ranges and is handy in blinds or upland hunting or anything.. A great all around shotgun for the original price well below.. I think I paid about 400.00.

  5. Squirrel hunter

    Best shotgun ever Never hangs up no matter the kind of shells. Use a kicks high flyer with number 3s kill ducks and squirrels. Had mine for 11 yrs hasn’t failed me yet

  6. David

    I’ve owned this sa08 for about 2 years now. I picked it up after watching several review videos on YouTube with everyone loving it. My gun cycled flawlessly for trap, doves, and chukar. (Any light load). However, I’m an avid Waterfowl hunter, and this gun is just not made for the marsh what so ever. No matter what lubricant you use, it will not cycle. It ejects the shell fine, but doesn’t have the power to push a shell in the chamber. Super disappointed because this gun fits me so well and swings like a champ. After every hunt I have to completely field strip it, clean it, just so you might be able to shoot twice if you manually close the bolt. I will not buy another Weatherby shotgun, or even a rifle for that matter. I’m super bummed with Weatherby. Save up for a different gun if you are going to use it as a duck gun. I take exceptional care of my firearms, but even with the heavy piston in, this gun will disappoint you.

  7. Sa-08 owner


  8. Uncle Shotty

    My SA-08 is the most reliable semi-auto shotty I have ever encountered. I listen to others complain about their much more expensive semi’s but they do not hear a peep out of me. Mine has gone BANG every single time and cleared out no problem, ANY load,EVERY time. I have had this in 12 gauge for 3 years now and I use it to hunt and shoot trap & skeet. I just purchased an Upland SA-08 in 12 gauge for my wife. She will love the look of her walnut features( and she will stop using mine!).

  9. skelley

    Good Gun

  10. Lals

    This gun works very well. Light, easy to carry, reduced felt recoil, shoots straight and true. Easy to service and clean. Real nice gun for the money. Have let two people borrow it, one for a pheasant hunt, the other for trap shoot. They liked it as well.

    Only quirk is you have to use at 1200 fps for the action to cycle consistently, but I knew that when I bought it. ( usually just target loads that are lower fps, hunting not an issue)

    Very happy with my purchase.

  11. Bluebill nut

    I just purchased my 3rd SA-08, I hunt ducks
    Late October- November in the north Midwest Snow 20degrees The guns performed very well. I bought the second because Im sure I wore the first one out
    I bought another for a back up gun. I noticed the 2nd was made in Italy the 3rd Turkey
    I didn’t see any identification on the choke tubes or in the manual, till I pulled out the old manual and counted the notches

  12. Skeptical Sam

    Solid firearm. I appreciate its weight and reliability for the price. I am skeptical of the fact that not a single review is negative though – I have a buddy that hates his $2800 gun and I had recommended the SA08, but now I don’t know if I just got lucky or what. I guarantee somebody out there hates it, and I’d like to hear why.

  13. Skeptical Sam

    Solid firearm. I appreciate its weight and reliability for the price. I am skeptical of the fact that not a single review is negative though – I have a buddy that hates his $2800 gun and I had recommended the SA08, but now I don’t know if I just got lucky or what. I guarantee somebody out there hates it, and I’d like to hear why.

  14. Richard

    Put thousands of rounds in it and no jams at all

  15. Sportsman LA

    I decided on the Weatherby SA-08 after reviewing numerous shotguns. I narrowed it down to two and went to my local gun shop and and felt both. I planned on spending $200 more on another shotgun until I shouldered the Weatherby. It felt awesome. I have broken it in at the skeet range, and it shoots great. I shot light and heavy loads. I did switch the piston for the heavier loads. Lots of shooting with no malfunctions. I did add a limbsaver after shooting some really heavy 3″ magnums. The weight of the gun does lend itself to a little more recoil with magnum loads. This is a great gun overall!

  16. Lefty

    This is the second year I have used my SA-08. The price was excellent and I just love this gun. It is light and easy to swing when waterfowl hunting. It is also very easy to take apart and clean. This shotgun has yet to fail even in extreme weather conditions. I would highly recommend this shotgun.

  17. Captpetrucco

    I am so pleased with this gun that I had to write another review about it. I have a 20ga 26″ synthetic SA-08. I am using it on 6-18 mile hikes across the mountains in SE Alaska to hunt Grouse and Ptarmigan. It is light and reliable. I’ve taken some bad falls and never had a misfire or accidental discharge. It also holds six shells…very important this year when a bear came after me… I load 3 slugs in first then hunt with three 7.5’s on top. You will probably never need them but the confidence this gun gives you in the wilderness is priceless. I have had many different guns over the years… This gun is hands down the BEST!

  18. franko

    cant wait to buy another one for my wife

  19. C dog

    I use mine for sporting clays and i have put over 500 rounds through it and not one jam and I never cleaned it between uses and still fires like new

  20. Martypants

    My SA-08, from a craftsmanship standpoint, is a nicely made piece! Still a little stiff, and I thought by now it would have loosened up a bit. I’ll shoot it some more, and get back to you.

  21. Terry

    Burned 100 rounds on skeet two days ago and only missed a few. I purchased my SA-08 20 ga from Sportsmans Guide last spring and finally got to give it a workout. This little 20 is perfectly balanced. Also my length of pull is short, and I was able to shorten the stock with a miter saw and re install the recoil pad. I re-shaped the recoil pad to the stock with a belt sander. It turned out great. Teal opens here next wed. 9/13 and I am really looking foreward to trying out the new Kent bismuth one ounce loads. My favorite 12 ga, is a Browning Maxus. I think I like this little 20 better. I am getting older and the light gun is a real pleasure to handle. I just have one . problem. The gun comes with two gas ejection rings, one heavy and one light. My question is, would a 3 inch black cloud one ounce magnum load be considered a light load or a heavy load??? The book says one ounce is a light load. I really don’t think so. Wish i would have had my heavy load ring with me the other day. I will not be able to get out and do any shooting again until opening day so I guess i will stick with the light load ring.
    The shotgun is put together well and comes apart exactly the same as my Maxus other than the magazine cap which does not exist on the Maxus.
    What was interesting was that the gun was normally dirty after 100 hand loaded rounds but there was no powder residue in the receiver. Neat.
    Would I recommend this shotgun to a friend??? Hell Yeah, I would recommend it to the world. A lot of really cool autoloader for a minimum of bucks.

  22. Waterfowl population control team

    Very affordable cycle every type of round I put through it

  23. weatherby

    great gun

  24. Kyle Mcmurtrey

    Just shot my first perfect round of skeet with this gun. Never had any issues with this gun. It just keeps cranking out shells couldn’t be happier.

  25. Carl Soles


  26. On Point

    Started off with the 20 gauge, I love the balance and the smooth swing of this shotgun. This is a very lightweight shotgun with a very mild kick, my daughter started using it and loves it so I had to buy another one, my new one is a SA 08 12 gauge. I use these guns on every outing, I hunt mostly upland, without any cycling problems or gun issues so far.

    I can say that this is easily the BEST shotgun value on the market.

    One request from Weatherby, please give us a SA 08 in 16 gauge.

  27. Bill

    This is an excellent firing gun. The only drawback is the button for loading and unloading. It is in a difficult position which makes loading and unloading difficult.

  28. On Point!

    I bought the 20 ga SA 08 to start with and absolutely love it. It has not failed, ever. My daughter wanted to try it out instead of the Mossberg 500 that she always used, now I don’t have my favorite shotgun to use.

    (I have shot a Benelli Legacy for years) Since she decided that the Weatherby was the gun she wanted to use I thought I better buy another one, so I got the Weatherby SA 08 12 ga this time and absolutely love this gun too. Balance is perfect and they just don’t fail.

    Weatherby please make a SA 08 in 16 gauge. PLEASE!!

  29. schuyler

    Being a waterfowl guide and skeet shooting a lot over the summer. This gun is by far the smoothest shotgun I have ever fired. Before I bought the new model of the SA-08, I had the older version and there is a big difference in weight and thickness of the shot gun. You won’t be disappointed with this gun.

  30. captpetrucco

    I have been shooting for a long time both for competition and guiding hunters. I have used many different guns in the past. My new favorite firearm is a 20 ga SA-08 with 26″ barrel. It cycles shells incredibly fast and has done so without failing ever! I usually shoot very cheap ammo on the skeet range that even jams my over and unders but not this gun! it is feather light and has a suprisingly light recoil. This gun is perfect with only one drawback: it needs to be cleaned after using. I’m surprised this firearm is not more expensive…great value!

  31. Ring neck

    This weatherby shotgun is one of the most smoothest shooting gun I’ve ever shot.
    It’s so easy to operate anyone can shoot this gun
    I have put down lots of goblers with my weatherby sa-08 12gauge shotgun

  32. Cotton

    I got my sa-08 about 3 years ago and have put several thousand rounds through it, hunting and shooting clays, without a single malfunction.

    The gun is well balanced and very light making it very easy to carry around all day. The recoil is about average but is very linear, making follow up shots quite easy.

    Have convinced several friends and family to purchase one with great results and will continue to recommend.

  33. Jeridjr62

    Bought this thing on Sat night going on 4 years ago at the local walmart, See I was invited to shoot on the following Sunday and had no gun to shoot Sporting Clays. So I have been wanting a Semi-Auto shotgun for a good many years and had never really researched what I wanted. Was in the store about 20 min bought the SA-08 because it was the only one they had that I liked the feel of and it was the only one they had left the display model, great price and felt good. took it home and google searched it and found out what a great gun I really had. By the way I out shot some high dollar guns that sunday, and have not looked back, i did have some problem with it cycling and a couple stove pipes but I got that figured out by using a hotter load and all is well thinking about one in a 20 ga next.

  34. Ducks and Dickel

    I’ve had this gun for 3 years now and have run a lot of rounds through this gun, both in the field hunting waterfowl and also at the range shooting trap and sporting clays. This gun has outperformed every other gun I have and also some of the “B” guns my friends have brought along. I’ve never had a misfire and it’s a breeze to clean. I had some concerns with the piston system but I can change pistons in well under a minute and the first time was maybe 2. I will buy this gun for my son when he gets older and dont anticipate ever using a different shotgun again.

  35. Shooter

    My 8 year old son loves shootings clays with this gun. When we first took it it did not cycle two or three times. On the third time taking it out it did not cycle at all. I’m going to put a couple boxes of high brass through it and hopefully it solves the problem. The low recoil is great and the price was right.

  36. Germ

    Good Gun for the price had a slight problem with the heavy load the porting system cracked I shoot a lot of waterfowl I’ll give it another shot this year I’ve never had any other problems with this gun

  37. Texan

    I got this Gun about 2 years ago and have not had a problems with 750 rounds through it. I love this lightweight gun and the price

  38. Cody

    This shotgun is the best I have ever owned! It has a quality build and preforms remarkable both on the range and in the field. Extremely reliable, never had it jam and I clean it twice a year. In national competitions it has never failed me. I would recommend this firearm to anyone looking for a semi-auto shotgun.

  39. Proud Dad

    My son turned 12, so it was his year to get a new shotgun. First I bought a 28 gauge O/U and he did not like the recoil. Next I bought a .410 and he loved it, but I wanted to take him duck hunting. We kept going to the range to shoot the .410 and 20 but he always flinched with the 20. I read about the Weatherby SA-08 and how the two pistons would adjust the recoil. The season was coming soon so I bought one thinking it was a last chance effort. It worked! He still thinks the .410 is fun (so do I) but loves his semi-auto 20 gauge SA-08. We went hunting 2 days in a row and he out shot me. He completely overcame the fear of a recoil and would sometimes shoot all three rounds (even while the duck was folding and falling. This was the best purchase I ever made. He out shot me last year, but I am planning on bringing out my 16 gauge and trying to keep ahead next season. My fear, it’s not the gauge but the aim and swing. He may just be better at this game than his old dad.

  40. Brandon P

    I purchased this shotgun in 2012 and had a little hicup with the link while shooting black clouds (mostly my fault) Weatherby sent me a new part for free no questions asked. This has been my go to shotgun ever since and I would highly recommend the SA-08 to anyone

  41. trpga1


  42. Jon Jon

    I have been tin the market for a semi 12 gauge for a while now. My friends use the remington versa max and other 1200-2000$ guns, and my new weatherby sa08 works just as well. 2 cases of VERY CHEAP 8 shot shells through the gun so far with zero failures or jams. Can not oversell this gun!

  43. I.G.

    Man it shoots I was shooting slugs and 00 buck and it just eats it all and on point and at a good price

  44. German

    Three years going on four. I hunt next to hi end guns from dove to gees all the others have problem’s at some point. This SA-08 just keeps shooting I have shot 500 shells in the field with out cleaning it.

  45. Chris G

    This gun MUST represent the greatest value in auto-loading shotguns. For years I had avoided auto-loaders simply because they generally clunky, picky and difficult to clean and maintain. This one is none of those things. It is sleek, cycles anything and super easy to clean and maintain. I have always been a fan of Weatherby rifles – even named my first black lab Weatherby.

    Glad there will be a Weatherby back in my duck bind again!

  46. Nateareinhold

    I’ve had the 28″ 20ga for 3 years now and it is a great shooter! Super low recoil, fast follow up shots (not that you need them, as long as you do your part, the gun sure does its!) Great for small, fast game. I did have 2 failure-to-feeds first time shooting out of the box. I atribute them to it being a fresh, tight gun, me lubing it too much (I use dry Teflon lube now), and not shooting a hot enough load. Those 3 things, I believe, didn’t allow the gasses to push the bolt back far enough to grab another shell, although it did eject….barely (the first hung up like a stove pipe but ended up falling out and the 2nd didn’t fly too far away). The gun is well broke in now and I can shoot light loads without any issues, and just as fast as I can pull the trigger

  47. JNelson

    I’m writing this review for the 20 guage SA-08. I bought this gun 4 years ago for my wife to learn to shoot trap and skeet. We never had the oppertunity to try it out prior to purchasing it, but I trust weatherby to make a quality product so we ordered sight unseen. The gamble paid off. The gun has been absolutely flawless and she loves it. We are members of our local gun club and we shoot probably twice a month. I don’t know exactly how many shells she’s put through it, but I bet I’ve loaded around 4,000 shells for her so far. To my knowledge the gun hasn’t jammed up once, no stove pipes, no miss fires, no failure to ejects… notta… zilch…. it has just performed perfectly. When I asked her if she wanted to upgrade to something a little fancier, she said “nope, perfectly happy with what she’s got.” This past year my buddies and I took her duck huntin a few times as well as we’ve chased around pheasants and in all the scenarios the gun has performed even when we got hit with a bitter cold 5 degree arctic blast, the gun still worked. Wish I could say the same for Beretta. I seriously can’t say enough about how reliable this gun has been. So if you’re looking for a no frills gun that just works and won’t break the bank, this shotgun has been perfect. I hope this review helps.

  48. Justin

    This is a great gun I have had it for 5 years. I have yet to have a malfunction and i’m not one to clean my guns after every time I go out…. I love the balance of the gun and it feels lightweight to lug it around miles in the field. For a 12 gage the recoil is great and my wife loves shooting it!

  49. Hainer

    out of the box and into the field, my first 2 shots dropped ducks DEAD. No problems here. For an entry level priced semi, this is outstanding value!

  50. Poolguy62

    I bought a 26″ synthetic in Feb and really like the gun. Having put a couple of hundred rounds through it shooting clays with my Wheelybird, I am amazed at the low recoil. I had been shooting an older Orion 20 gauge I picked up last year because I was worried my old shoulder would not like firing a 12. Boy, was I wrong. The gas system is superb and no problem at all. I did purchase a ported Carlson Modified choke (Carlson says reduces recoil by about 5%) for added insurance on the recoil worries but actually doubt I would have needed it as to recoil. I like it!
    As a side note, I did adjust the gun with one of the provided shims from Weatherby and it is now right on target for me. Buy one. A nice semi at a nice price!

  51. SamKat

    Bought this for my daughter (age 13) and she is shooting Trap and wanted more than the 20 gauge she had. But, she wanted something that wouldn’t kick! She’s been using this for several weeks, shot over a case of shells and really loves this gun! She can shoot over 50 rounds in practice and does not complain about the recoil. simply, loves this gun!

  52. Manz

    My dad and uncle use benelli’s in the field I tried them out and couldn’t get past the weight and that thud the inertia system makes when fired. Reminds me of an AR. Same problem with the Stoeger. I finally settled on the SA08 and have never looked back. This thing rocks I put it through hell on the dove opener then quail,pheasant and turkey. Never had a misfire of any sort. Getting my son the .20 when he gets a little older. You can’t beat this shotgun.

  53. claybuster ( mud is my camo )

    got the gun a year ago shoot everything and anything except for 7/8 oz loads that are nobel low recoil . i love it

  54. stephenlnoe

    This gun shoulders perfectly for me. I can shoulder it look at the game and shoot and it is always accurate. My only wish is that weatherby will come out with a rifled slug barrel accessory for it.

  55. Hunter99

    Amazing gun light weight durable and accurate

  56. Dj not nice

    Great gun, quality and performance. But it’s to pricey!

  57. BrokenArrow

    We have twelve 20ga. SA-08’s in service at our 5-stand venue at our Boy Scout camp shooting sports complex. 3 years in service with over 45,000 shots fired with out a major malfunction in our year-round shooting sports program.
    The youth are taught to break-down the shotgun and clean after each shooting session.
    The felt recoil is comparatively soft, and does not discourage new shooters. The overall weight is light enough such that our youth shooters and our Venturing female shooters shoot complete 25 round games without tiring.

  58. wildcat41

    Got this gun a few days ago and love it. Sweet shooting gun. Thought with it being so lite it would have bad recoil and with a torn up shoulder from deployment a few years back I was 2nd guessing it but the gun felt great at Cabelas. Got home cleaned it well and went out to shoot. WOW. Great gun less recoil than I ever expected. Shot a few 7 1/2 then went to 6 shot. Felt great. Decided to push my luck and shot some 5 shot and wasnt bad. Went to 4 and wow it felt good. Ended up shooting close to 75 shells and shoulder felt good. Didnt think I would be shooting that much but man its a fun gun to shoot. All in all its a well balanced and lite gun to shoot. No failer to feed but one failer to eject but that was due to me not putting the lite load piston in. Changed it and not another one. Cant belive a gun like this is priced as low as it is. Id recommend it to anyone.

  59. Edwin

    Purchased this gun last year for my son to shoot Mod. trap on gun team. Gun has been great, shoots hundreds of times consistently even with cheap shells never jams has made many Brownings & Remingtons look bad. Worth every dime.

  60. Devils Creek

    Wanted a synthetic gun that was steel approved. Also wanted to reduce some weight for all day carry. Primarily a bird dog guy and upland hunter. Got a great buy on the model I wanted (26″) from Wholesale Sports Winnipeg.
    Did a full disassembly on getting it home, cleaned, & reassembled and put 75 rounds of promo Winchester 1 1/8 loads through her. Now I know these rounds are problematic on many autos, and even some doubles. Not a glitch. Gun is flawless. This is my 4th auto, and the only one that has worked flawlessly out of the box. I have owned Remington 1100’s, an 1187, and hunted with Berettas and Browning Silvers. Ithen put 250 rounds of cheap rounds through before disassembling and a wipe down. Not hardly dirty. Thanks to Randy Wakeman’s Reviews for putting me on to this gem. Probably will keep my 1187 for dedicated clays shooting (at 8 lbs it kicks a little less), but this will be my go-to pheasant, quail, and grouse gun.

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