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Mom is a Vanguard, and Dad’s a Mark V Accumark. So I don’t want to brag, but I’ll shoot head-to-head against other rifles and bury them. With my Accumark DNA I’ll go SUB-MOA with premium ammunition. Guaranteed.

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Watching him creep through heavy cover there are those that wondered how he could possibly get through that tangle with his massive rack. There would be no wide-open shot. One would need to thread the bullet through a tiny gap in the timber. He stops and gives a baseball-sized opening to his muscular shoulder. A hunter would only need a golf ball-sized window, because this is the Accuguard with a proven Vanguard action and a 24” fluted #3-contour barrel. On this animal, the guaranteed SUB-MOA accuracy will do the job.



  • All Vanguard rifles are guaranteed to shoot a 3-shot group of .99” or less at 100 yards (SUB-MOA) from a cold barrel when used with Weatherby® factory or premium ammunition within Two-Years of Verified Purchase Date to Original Purchaser.
  • Adjustable Match Quality, Two-stage Trigger
  • Fluted Bolt Body
  • One-piece Machined Bolt Body
  • Fully Enclosed Bolt Sleeve
  • Vanguard Recoil Pad
  • 3-Position Safety
  • Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
  • Integral Recoil Lug
  • Hinged Floorplate


  • Hand-laminated, raised comb Monte Carlo composite stock
  • Full length aluminum bedding plate
  • Matte gel coat finish
  • Spiderweb accents


  • Matte, bead blasted finish
  • 410 series stainless steel
  • #3 contour fluted barrel
  • Barrel length is 26” for magnum chamberings & 24” for non-magnum and 240 Wby Mag
  • Recessed target crown to enhance accuracy and protect rifling


28 reviews for Vanguard® Accuguard

  1. Jeff

    Got a chance to try one out in .300 Win mag. Very comfortable and shot sub-moa the fee groups I had a chance to try. This is a great rifle and a great value! Have a hard time understanding why people think it needs to be “cheaper to compete.” Against what? A $400 Savage? IT’S NOT A CHEAP RIFLE, IT’S A GREAT VALUE. Tell me where else you’re going to get this quality at this price. I own a Vanguard in 375H&H magnum. Absolutely reliable and was less than $630. Now I want one to stretch out the distance. The two stage trigger, which seems so hard to grasp for some folks breaks like a piece of glass with zero creep and no noticeable overtravel. Take up a little slack and squeeze like any quality single stage trigger. I guess that’s confusing to some. The action is very smooth, never handled a Vanguard that didn’t have a very smooth action.

  2. 300 Wby Mag Accuguard

    I bought one of these rifles back in February in the .300 Wby Mag caliber and shooting the 180 gr weatherby factory ammunition this rifle is the smoothest flattest and fastest shooting .30 caliber I have ever owned! Worth the money and worth the wait, Weatherby you have a new extremely happy and proud customer, for life.

  3. JomoKenhubert

    I shot for the pot and some big game (Cape Buffalo) for 3 years in Tanzania with a .300 Win Mag chambered Vanguard with a 3-9 scope. I could knock over medium game at 500 yards and never, ever adjusted scope setting for windage and bullet drop. It never let me down and was brilliantly accurate right out of the box. I will forever regret selling that rifle.and it kept us in fresh meat year round. All that and it was handsome and the envy of everyone else in town.

  4. Chevy396

    My first Weatherby but will not be my last very accurate and the trigger is excellent. I have hunted with numerous other rifles through the years but the Accuguard is by for the best rifle I have ever shoot. I can’t say enough about this rifle.

  5. Ted B.

    Weatherby and Vanguard respectively, in my opinion, are the best rifles on the market today.
    I own Browning, Remington and several wildcats from a manufacturer in Texas….
    For a third of the price the Weatherby /Vanguard perform just as well or better.
    I’ll never buy another brand.

  6. Jason

    I found Barnes TTSX bullets and R22 to give me .28” groups. Mine likes longer jump off the lands. .045” jump.
    Great rifle, I like the heavier weight.
    I would recommend this over and over!

  7. Solomon

    Couldn’t find much about this rifle online but it fit a lot of my checkboxes so I gave it a shot in the .270 Win model. Topped it with Talley one piece rings and a Leupold VX3i.

    Accuracy: Couldn’t find a solid performer with factory ammo. The loads they list for their guarantee I’m sure shoot great but some were a little steep for my pocket. However once I found the node while reloading, I’m getting fairly consistent 3/4 moa groups with a few better using Sierra 150 SGK and H4831sc.

    Finish: stock is beautiful but I found some discolored spots on the receiver. They don’t affect the rifle at all but its why I took away an extra star from quality.

    Overall it’s a good rifle and I don’t regret the purchase

  8. Butch

    With Barnes TTX bullets and Reloader 22 powder.My 300 win mag shoots a 3 round group with a 1/4” accuracy a 100 yards.

  9. nick

    gun shoot .5 moa with barnes lrx just like any weatherby they are very accurate rifles 300 weatherby shoots 1/4-1/5 moa all day everyday it’s just what you expect when buying a weatherby it’s the only rifles i can depend on

  10. palehorse

    I OWN 7 Weatherby’s, bought my first in vanguard (7mm Rem) in the 80’s, and
    it is still the most accurate in my safe. They all will cluster (3 shot groups) inside
    but I have no doubt they will shine. No doubt, I AM A WEATHERBY FANATIC

  11. TCT

    The Accuguard shoots various Nosler bullets very accurately and I took a nice mule deer and antelope in Wyoming last Fall.

  12. zookeeper

    I have had this rifle for 3 years and it has performed flawlessly! Three white tail and one Miley. Dropped in their tracks.
    Consistently shoots .373-379, 3shot groups using Norma loaded 165 gr. TTSX cartridges.
    My only complaint is that the wrist of the stock is thick.
    Over all, awesome gun!!!

  13. Buddy

    Best shooting gun I have bought this in a 257 haven’t missed a deer yet all have been head shots shoots a .25 4 shot group grate gun

  14. sixstringoutlaw

    What a great rifle. Beautiful fit and finish. With Hornady ELD-X bullets, consistently shoot 1/2″ groups at 100 yds. Best .300 Win Mag I have purchased

  15. Chris

    Purchased an Accugaurd in .257 to give my Mark V a break especially in wet weather. This rifle impressed me the moment I opened the box! Well made, solid and Accurate! 1/2 to 3/4 inch groups at 100 yards consistently using 115 grain Nosler Ballistic tips. Well worth the purchase!!

  16. Solly

    Rifle shoots good with the ammunition I’ve chosen to use, although I haven’t tried their recommendations. Trigger could use some work, however the adjustment screw appears to be loctited into place and strips easily. Only other complaint is that it appears to be finished poorly. Stainless almost looks painted on. Despite all of this, I would still recommend it. It performs well and does what I need it to do.

  17. Travis

    I bought it in a 240 wby I can say I’m nothing short of impressed with this gun price an all .

  18. joey

    accurate. awesome

  19. Rcarr

    Recently purchased an Accuguard in .257 Weatherby. Beautiful rifle with great fit and finish, no visible flaws. Barrel was free floated (but not excessively so) and trigger was light (again not excessively so). Finish very even. The dull stainless finish looks great with the spider web stock and the traditional Weatherby style cheek piece. The stock also feels much more solid than a lot of the synthetic stocks out there and does not flex with a bipod. I know some people complain about the weight but this is a #3 contour barrel with a solid stock with an aluminum bedding block. Not meant to be an ultra light or even lightweight rifle. I have not weighed the rifle but it feels much less than 8 3/4 lbs to me. I like the weight. Not too bad to carry but the weight makes it very easy to get a solid sight picture.
    Shooting a 100 grain bullet over 3500 fps in this rifle with a bipod felt like cheating. Low recoil, flat trajectory and great ergonomics. A very easy rifle to shoot accurately. Stainless steel construction, fluted #3 barrel in a solid stock spitting out 100 grains at over 3500 fps. at this price is quite the bargain. As much as I like to be nostalgic this is a great time to be a rifle shooter. The Weatherby line up is more solid than it has every been and stands out in a very competitive market.

  20. Airborne Jumper

    I have a Vanguard Composite in 300 Weatherby Magnum. I recently put a Burris Eliminator scope on it and the rifle comes with the AccuBrake. I shot this at 100 yards and put 8 rounds in an inch group. Then I fired it at steel plates on 200, 300 and 400 yards. All shots hit the plates every time and the recoil was very mild. I was firing Weatherby 180 grain spitzers in it. This is the most accurate Magnum rifle I’ve ever shot.

  21. Scott

    I got this in 300 weatherby mag. Let me tell ya…..this is the most accurate out of the box rifle I have ever shot ! With 150 grain Hornady interlocks, I am consistently achieving 3/4 groups…..or less ! Absolutely love it !

  22. CAS

    Sighted in with .300 Wby Federal Premium 180 grain Nosler Partitions today and shot 3/8″ and 5/8″ groups! This rifle can get the job done, so I hope to do my part this season.

  23. wild bill

    great rifles but need to compete with other great rifles for fair price

  24. Murph

    I recently purchased a vanguard accuguard in 300 win mag it has become my favorite , really accurate right out of the box very pleased looking forward to my next one already

  25. 30YRVET

    I needed a new hunting rifle for antelope, bear, deer, elk, hogs, and maybe moose some day. My local Cabela’s had these for sale at a good price so I bought one in .300 Weatherby Magnum. This rifle shoots 1-inch groups with Federal Premium 180 grain Nosler Partitions and Weatherby 180 grain spitzers. It might shoot smaller groups, but I don’t use sand bag rests, just a bipod or sling from prone, sitting, and kneeling positions. I wish I had also purchased the .257 Weatherby Magnum twin that was next to mine on the store shelf, but it sold and is probably making its owner very satisfied with the purchase.

    So far, I have 100 rounds fired and as I said, both loads shoot 1-inch groups at close to the same spot on paper. The gun is a little on the heavy side, but that, the very nice recoil pad, and the stock shape do a nice job reducing felt recoil. The finish of both the metal and the stock is very uniform, the action smooth, and the trigger decent. I adjusted the trigger to be a bit lighter and take up most of the creep so it almost doesn’t feel like a 2-stage trigger.

    The one issue I have with this rifle is the internal magazine box and the sling swivel studs are blued, not stainless steel. This is an oversight in my opinion, and the Remington 700 stainless models don’t make this mistake. Otherwise, I really like this rifle. I have owned a Howa 1500, Remington 700 and 788, a Rutgers No. 1 and a couple of M77s. None were better!

  26. Scout

    I searched for months for a custom built rifle at an affordable price. I was looking everywhere but Weatherby. Then one day, it hit me! The best shooting rifle I own was a Weatherby Vanguard. I have had this gun, in 270 Winchester, for over 27 years and it stills groups 140 grain hand loads in a dime all day. After checking out the web I realized I could get a Accuguard, which is a production rifle, customized to my taste. I contacted the company in California and after several conversations I put in my order for my DREAM GUN.
    Excellent support staff. Beautiful gun, Shoots sub moa with factory ammo.

    Accuguard is a little heavy but manageable. The action on this gun is not as smooth as I like but with time I believe it will get better. Finally, I don’t like the 2 stage trigger. I am replacing it with a Timney trigger.
    Overall I love this gun and for the money you can’t beat the value of this rifle. This is the best rifle, for the buck, I have found.

  27. huntinfever101

    I bought a Weatherby Accuguard in .300 Wby Mag and couldn’t be happier with the capability of this rifle for the price. I shoot custom ammo and have a long range scope on it along with a custom trigger and it shot a 2″ group at 800 yards when I was building my ballistic profile for the scope. Keep in mind I broke the barrel in using Weatherby’s Barrel Break-In Procedure which everyone should do but especially if you plan to shoot long range. The stock is flawless and I really like the heavier fluted barrel with the bead blasted stainless finish. I get compliments all of the time on how nice the rifle looks. Needless to say I can’t wait until elk season!

  28. 454Casull

    This is a quality product where fit and finish really shine. The barrel is free floated and you can get one sheet of paper slid all the way down under the barrel to the action. The bolt is the smoothest in all the bolts in this price range compared to the competitors. I also had no problems hitting the moa bullseye at 100 yds. This is my first Weatherby, and I have rifles that cost more than this one and ones that cost less. I will be buying another if it continues to shoot like it is now. One more thing… this thing has a great feel to it, it doesn’t feel cheep. It is a very solid stock and has some heft to it. It is not too heavy for toting in the field all day, and it is not so light that it will kick you too hard when shooting it. This is one that will get passed down to the next generation.

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    While other rifles may talk the talk, this one would prefer to walk the walk. For example, there are guns that tout being SUB-MOA, but this one will guarantee it from its Vanguard action, hammer-forged barrel, and match-grade trigger.


    Barrel/Receiver/Trigger Guard – Matte, bead blasted blued finish
    Stock – Monte Carlo Griptonite® stock


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    I was born in the backlands. Flatlands bore me. Give me mountains. Put me to the test on rugged ridges. Trust me in the harshest environments on planet earth. Hunting that country is what I live for – just like you.