Vanguard® Stainless Synthetic

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The Vanguard Stainless Synthetic was developed to be the ultimate weatherproof gun at a great value. Designed with a matte bead blasted stainless steel barrel, a coated Vanguard action, and a polymer griptonite stock, this gun meets and exceeds Weatherby’s high standard of accuracy and rugged dependability.

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The Vanguard Stainless Synthetic is tougher than an elephant’s hide and as dependable as the sunrise. From recoil pad to muzzle, every part of this rifle is designed to persevere. It features a Pachmayr Decelerator, mounted to an indestructible Gryptonite® stock with inserts at the forend and pistol grip. Bedded in the stock is the famous Vanguard action and a cold hammer forged barrel crafted from 410 Series stainless steel. It’s even bead blasted to keep the Vanguard looking pretty.


  • All Vanguard rifles are guaranteed to shoot a 3-shot group of .99” or less at 100 yards (SUB-MOA) from a cold barrel when used with Weatherby® factory or premium ammunition within Two-Years of Verified Purchase Date to Original Purchaser.
  • Adjustable Match Quality, Two-stage Trigger
  • Fluted Bolt Body
  • One-piece Machined Bolt Body
  • Fully Enclosed Bolt Sleeve
  • Vanguard Recoil Pad
  • 3-Position Safety
  • Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
  • Integral Recoil Lug
  • Hinged Floorplate


  • Monte Carlo Griptonite® stock
  • Pistol grip and forend inserts
  • Right side palm swell (aids shooter comfort and control)


  • 410 Series stainless steel
  • Bead blasted matte finish
  • #2 contour barrel
  • Barrel length is 26” for magnum chamberings & 24” for non-magnum and 240 Wby Mag


61 reviews for Vanguard® Stainless Synthetic

  1. Bill

    I purchased one of these rifles in 270 WSM. I loved the fit and finish at first sight. But I really loved this rifle when I shot it! This is still my go-to rifle, of all my rifles, for most medium to large game. Shoots great and cleans up without breaking a sweat. I just can not imagine why Weatherby no longer offers this rifle. The stainless action and barrel make this an awesome gun for foul weather hunting. At the price that I paid for mine, it just can not be beat! I would definitely buy several more if they became available again. (Come on Weatherby, twist the importer’s arm and insist that they begin importing stainless actions again!)

  2. Joseph Gutierrez

    I bought this rifle in .300 Win Mag. I’ve had it for 3-4 years and had never fired it. Moved from CA to AZ and drew a mule deer tag for South Eastern Arizona for a hunt in two weeks. Had a friend of mine sight it in to be right on at 200 yards. He is a marksman with the U.S. Border Patrol. After he sighted it in I took it to the range to check it out. I fired one bullet at 100 yards and the shot was dead center and about 2 inches high which is what I wanted. That is the first time I have ever gone to a rifle range and shot only one bullet and went home. No need to mess with perfection. This is a very accurate rifle, I love it. When I first bought the rifle I shipped it to Weatherby and they installed a muzzle brake for me and now I have .300 magnum hitting power with the recoil of a .243. Can’t beat that! I recommend this rifle to anyone who wants a good looking, good shooting rifle. As a bonus, since I only shot one bullet an employee at the rifle range gave me a complimentary pass to come again to shoot at the range for free next time! They felt I should have been able to spend more time at the range. I probably set the record at a rifle range, shoot only one bullet and go home!

  3. Pete

    I’ve had my 223 for over 15yrs and it still shoots 13mm 3 shot groups with hand loads.. best money i ever spent on a rifle 10/10

  4. Ghjhighlander

    270 Win Vs2 stainless with a Zeiss 3X9X42. Had this rifle for 4 years now with no issues whatsoever. After barrel break in, shot groups with a variety of hunting ammunition and managed to select a 150 grain unit with protected tips, to prevent tip damage in the mag from recoil. These bullets group consistently around .67 inches @100 yes. All test ammunition was premium ammunition and consisted of 130 gr. and 150 gr. The 130 gr. bullets would not group at all, with some over 4 inches @ 100 yds. Most of the 150 gr. selections faired much better. Can’t ask for a better overall performer.

  5. Marc

    No complaints; works as intended.
    Additional features wished for: a quick, drop-in conversion to use a magpul magazine, but I guess there’s other brands that offer that in a traditional configuration as well as a chassis configs.

  6. Tristan

    The gun feels great in the hand it feels sturdy and it really really feels like you could run it over with a tank and nothing would happen. Love the gun

  7. Tristan

    The gun feels great in the hand it feels sturdy and it really really feels like you could run it over with a tank and nothing would happen. Love the gun

  8. Primo

    I got hooked on Weatherby after my first buy at a gun show. I own Vanguards from .223 to 7mm Rem Mag, plus my newest buy, a synthetic stainless .300 Wby Mag with muzzle brake, as well as, a Mark V in 7mm Wby Mag with beautiful wood. I shoot them all with confidence knowing that the bullet will go where I aim, no doubts. I am very proud of my collection, they are all my favorites.

  9. Seb

    Lightweight, accurate, great finish, just a awesone rifle!!!

  10. Northern shooter

    Bought a vs2 stainless in 30.06 2yrs ago. Had a leupold vx2-3x9x40 scope mounted & bore-sighted to 100yds. Recently changed to a factory griptonite stock & engraved nylon sling. Now it’s the best looking rifle I’ve ever owned. Using federal 165gr. nosler partition, the 1st three shots were moa with 2 shots dead center @ 100yds. No adjustment needed. The bolt cycle is the lightest & smoothest of all rifles I’ve ever fired. It’s my belief I’ll never need another rifle.
    Thanx Weatherby.

  11. Northern shooter

    Bought a vs2 stainless in 30.06 2yrs ago. Had a leupold vx2-3x9x40 scope mounted & bore-sighted to 100yds. Recently changed to a factory griptonite stock & engraved nylon sling. Now it’s the best looking rifle I’ve ever owned. Using federal 165gr. nosler partition, the 1st three shots were moa with 2 shots dead center @ 100yds. No adjustment needed. The bolt cycle is the lightest & smoothest of all rifles I’ve ever fired. It’s my belief I’ll never need another rifle.
    Thanx Weatherby.

  12. Robert Leonard

    Waited a long time to get a Weatherby and I have owned and shot Remingtons,Winchesters,Mossberg,Ruger and others…Save your money and buy a Weatherby Vanguard S2…It will be the one gun you will never sell or trade to move up to a better Rifle ! I find myself wanting to add a new Model in a long distance Caliber ASAP…but my 30.06 is super versatile.This is a wonderful company with superior products and Customer service. They also have a Custom machine shop which I plan on using soon to have an Accubrake installed to make the first shot the only shot, it reduces recoil upwards of 50% !!! Its a long review, but at 61 years I have some Tribal knowledge I enjoy sharing.

  13. Brodie

    I live in Australia. Bought it in .223 and I’m not complaining one bit. Shot great straight up out of the box and during break in. will keep buying there products

  14. Duke11

    I purchased a Vanguard in 300 Win Mag in 2013. I’ve been very impressed with the accuracy of this rifle especially for the price. Shoots sub-MOA with multiple types of factory ammo. Tested it to 500 meters at the range and killed a mule deer at 435 yards.

  15. Fatboy

    I own 7 vanguards but have only fired 2 of them. Both , a 223 and 243 are super accurate. The 223 at 50 yards just plinking was shooting at empty shotgun shells and with a leupold vx-2 3×9-40, 10 shots 10 dead shotgun shells.The reason I haven’t fired the other 5 is because they are the laserguard models and just to good looking to fire.

  16. nick’s name

    300 wsm does .5moa with cheap fed blue box 180 gr. 308 shoots moa with all ammo i have tried. best rifle for the money by far. these two and a trusty 30-30 marlin put all the meat up for years. id buy another, but these are so good it would be redundant. best actions. like the actions smoothness.

  17. Rc

    Bought in .270 4 years ago. Gun has never failed me. Countless rounds down the barrel and endless days spent in the elements. Can always trust Weatherby to not let you down. Will be buying a Camilla for the old lady this year as well as a Mark V for myself. Weatherby for life.

  18. Bad Santa

    Purchased a Weatherby v2 this summer, got around to to working up a load for it in November. The .300 Win Mag load consisting of Win case, Fed 215GM primer 75grns RL-22 and a Barnes 175grn. LRX bullet. This load shot a 3 snot group @ a100yds. I could cover with a dime!!! Very pleased With my Weatherby to say the least Thank You!!

  19. papaw

    Bought in 308. Put leupold 4×12 pn it. Killed 3 deer in first season. All were over 200 yds. Only complaint camo finish on stock was not even. Had light and dark spots on ot.

  20. Dude

    Wife bought this rifle in 7mm Remington for me for our 2nd anniversary. Shoots MOA all the time. Great trigger, beautiful stock. Back then rifle and Leupold 3×9 scope cost 317 dollars.. Have since bought a Deluxe Mark V in 300 WBY. Has to be the most beautiful piece of wood I have seen. Now live in Paso Robles. If you get a chance to see their show room Please take the time to go and enjoy something special.

  21. Steveman87

    Picked up a .30-06 to go after larger game in Wyoming. Using Hornady Superformance 165gr. SST’s and they put the first 3 shots in a 1/2″ hole after bore sighting- Very pleased, especially after the first and only scope adjustment made put the 4th through the 7th shot just 2″ above dead center of my target. I have family and friends who own vanguards and they love ’em also, very accurate and have put food in freezers for years.

  22. Dom

    Bought it in 270win caliber. Shot it three times at game. Results – two mulies – one at 350yds. One coyote at 150 yds. Can’t wait to shoot it again.

  23. JC

    Couldn’t be happier with my Weatherby!!

  24. trex

    First deer season got three deer with 3 shots. 225 yards 200 yds and 140 yds. 308 caliber. 4×12 leopold scope. Will not hunt with anything else.

  25. Josh

    Beautiful rifle all together. Bought the 30-06 version last summer and after sighting it in I was amazed to have a .17 inch grouping in under 5 shots. Took it on a bear hunt and dropped a black bear 190 yards away using hornady sst 165 grains. Will buy another in the near future.

  26. Doc

    I have a safe full of fire arms. I am basically a rifle shooter, am terrible with pistols and scatter guns. I use this rifle in .257 Weatherby mag. If an individual can only get one caliber, one rifle in his/’her life this is one to purchase. I’ve used it in rain, dry heat, rain, snow, sea level, and at altitudes. Weatherby ammo 120 gr partitioned. Never buy anything else. Coyotes, hogs, deer, bear, elk. All die instantly when popped in the neck. My goal is one shot, one dead critter. I’m 75 years old and rarely use any other firearm except for a .300 Weatherby mag on this same platform. Fun, fun, fun.

  27. Dave

    I wanted .300 win mag and Weatherby provides the simplelest and highest quality I saw. I have always preferred wood stocks like walnut and or other heavy fine woods to absorb the energy and kick less. I bought the synthetic which is just the right heavy weight and I like the rubber grips on the stock. Very solid grip leads to confidence in lining up my target. Great price, put on Leopold scope worth only a little more than half gun price and it is a wonderful package to hunt Elk.

  28. Billy

    Coming from the Eastern part of Canada. Gun works very well in all weather.It works best with 308 Rem 150 G Core-Lokt .I have tried a lot these work best .Mounted a Busnell 6500 1-6.5×24 Could not be more pleased with combination for hunting Bear, Deer 200 yards or less

  29. Randy

    I worked at a car wash for my whole life and sold everything I have to get this rifle and it was worth it.

  30. Dan

    I have this rifle in a 257wby mag. I can’t fault it, it is a perfect calibre for the Australian conditions and animals. Granted it is a bit big for roo culls, but that is what my weatherby vanguard 223 is for. The rifle is nice, light and easy to maintain. My favourite rifle so far.

  31. Richie

    I just scoped, and sighted my 300 Wby. mag. Vanguard Stainless at 200 yards. It consistently shoots sub 1″ with Weatherby select ammo180 gr. (Spitzer). This rifle is light and will be carried long distances during my late season Colorado Elk hunt.

  32. Billy

    I have a stainless vanguard in .300 win mag. Leupold 12×40 scope. I’ve taken deer, caribou , mountain goat on Kodiak with it. Not a light rifle but a great shooter. Good product.

  33. matt

    My stainless 308 is my go to hunting rifle especially when I’ll be bushwacking through the mountains. It’s killed everything I’ve hunted with it in northern California: blacktail bucks, wild hogs, black bear and elk. It likes 150g sp remington cor lokt, 3 shot touching clover leaf group every time then heavier partitions for bear and elk.

  34. C.V.


  35. alain

    bought a 270 weatherby stainless been 7 years drought with my previous bangner 7mm magnum, got a really nice doe, this gun in the 270 is very sweat.

  36. Brad

    Once I figured out what load my gun likes I haven’t been more pleased with the rifle! I have a 7mm mag, Vortex Viper 4-16 scope and a bipod. I am holding under a .5″ grouping with 5 shots at 100yds. (.43” consistently) I am able to consistently ring a 10″ metal target at 800yds. (Need to find more space to get out to 1000yds) Considering I purchased the gun on sale, have less than $1,000 in my setup and I am easily keeping up with rifle set ups that range in the $4,000 range I couldn’t be happier! I will be taking it to Canada to hunt moose next week and having the confidence that I do at long range I believe it is going to be a successful trip!
    (If you are wanting to know I use a 160grain Nosler AccuBond Spitzer, with 53.5grains of IMR4350 powder and CCI large rifle primers)

  37. Don B

    I recently purchased a vanguard in 3006 and slapped a nikon prostaff 3-9×50 on it… after bore-sighting it in i took 3 shots at 100 yards and got very irritated that they did not group well before realizing that all 3 shots when through the exact same hole at the center of the bullseye. nicest rifle that I own and probably have ever shot. The deer better being wearing camo this year!

  38. J.C

    My wife bought my rifle 300 weatherby while my 300 Winchester was being serviced. I absolutely Lv this rifle!! It’s everything it’s says it is and more.

  39. Carter

    I have mine in 300wyb mag and it is an amazing rifle, only thing I want to do to it is put a muzzle break on it cause how powerful the caliber is!

  40. Mark

    Bought the vanguard s2 in 300wby. Needless to say it definitely lives up to the sub moa guarantee. Would recommend this to anyone wanting an accurate rifle for great price.

  41. bri

    went to buy a new rifle figured sako maybe tikka. i looked and looked for months. was about to buy a tikka stainless camo. then the dude behind the counter says try this . yah sure im was impressed how smooth the action was. then the two stage trigger rather impressed. what is it weatherby ss2 300 winmag. needless to say i bought it .now my go to love that rifle.

  42. Burg

    My stainless steel Weatherby Vanguard 270 win. is about 10 years old now, and has been shot thousands of times with my favorite handload. I had to replace the trigger with a Timney; otherwise I’d have given 5 stars for quality. This rifle has THE SMOOTHEST BOLT THROW I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED ON ANY BOLT ACTION RIFLE; handles like a dream. Accuracy with my favorite handload is MOA or better for 5 shot groups EVERY TIME. Stays absolutely on zero. I’ll never need another hunting rifle now that I’ve got this one! I’ve heard the trigger problem has been fixed, but I can’t give up the rifle I’ve got!

  43. Mick

    Owned mine for several years and used for Muleys and Elk. Great performance and has never let me down…I would buy this gun again if necessary, no need to change. Groups them tight and hits like big hammer!

  44. Steve

    I bought a used, unfired (As New In Box) Weatherby Vanguard .223 stainless rifle. It had a thumb-hole wood stock on it. When I first shouldered the rifle it fit me perfectly and I loved it instantly. I mounted a Leupold 3×9-40 scope on it and took it to my range to zero it in. Firing 3, 3 shot groups at 100 yards I had it hitting dead on the bulls-eye. My ornery nephew dared me to hit a small child’s juice box at 200 yards, which I did on the very first shot. I am thrilled with this rifle and intend to use it for target shooting and varmint control.

  45. Russ

    My 257 Weatherby Stainless Vanguard is a true hunters rifle. Firing the standard and inexpensive 100 grain soft points, 3 shot groups average .7 inches with a moderately priced Redfield Revoluton scope. Performance on 2 whitetail here in Wisconsin has been dramatic, with one shot lightening qiuick kills at 126 and 218 yards. I think of myself as a rifle lover and am 59 years old. I have owned over 60 rifles from virtually every foreign and domestic maker. I have owned 4 Weatherby Vanguards and every one has functioned perfectly and done better than 1″ in the accuracy department. Weatherly seems to keep everything simple and has perfected what they do.

  46. Gary T

    Shot my New Weatherby Vanguard® Stainless Synthetic in 30-06 today and all I can say is WOW! From fit to finish, from its stunning good looks to its flawless performance this gun has become one of my all time favorites.

    I mounted a Burris 3x-9x40mm Fullfield II Ballistic Plex E1 Riflescope and together they are a match made in Heaven, within the first 5 shots I was already shooting 3″ groups at a 100 yards. The Griptonite® stock is perfect with just enough grip for you to have a nice comfortable purchase on it while feeling totally in control. The Match quality two-stage trigger is a dream, with approx. 1/16th of take up it’s exactly what I like, once pulled you know instinctively right when the shot is going to come.

    Needless to say I am extremely happy with my purchase and especially happy with the price, this is my 1st Weatherby but rest assured it wont be my last. Thank you for such a great product.

  47. pete

    best value for money rifle i have ever had,
    in blue 308 win, action very smooth,
    over all finnish is very good,
    factory rounds grouped .9 inch, as stated,
    hand loads with nosler ballistic tip 150 gn
    .3 of an inch @ 100 yds , exellent, why would you spend
    $1000 dollars more on a rifle that will shoot no
    better than these, will never spend $2000 on a
    rifle again, i will go with weatherby vanguard for
    my next rifle.

  48. Vaughn

    I was looking into a larger caliber for hog hunts (I generally plink with .223 as that was my old service caliber) and I found a number of reviewers saying that this rifle was incredibly accurate out of the box. While it’s not going to come close to a Mark V if you’ve encountered one…it’s definitely a great value for a price conscious shopper. The action is solid and fast, the griptonite (I can’t stop saying that) is sturdy enough to handle the elements, and the groups are tight. I love it.

  49. Chris

    This is the first long gun I’ve owned, wanted one badly. I target shoot. My buddy has a Ruger American .308. That is a fun gun to shoot; very capable. I saw the Vanguard 2 online, and loved the way it looked. I searched locally, and the only .308 I could find was the stainless version. It’s quite a price jump from the blued barrel.

    When I held it for the first time, it fit like a glove. The Monte Carlo is comfortable, the inserts are grippy and feel durable. The bolt lift and throw is long. 90 degree lift I believe. The recoil pad is amazing. It has a great trigger. Very light take-up and light, clean, crisp break, right out of the box.

    Outfitted mine with a Nikon Prostaff 3-9 x40, bipod and sling. It’s not a super light gun by any means, but a nice sling takes care of that when carrying. The weight and build of this rifle makes the recoil very manageable. Great shooting rifle overall, plus, it looks cool.

    I’m glad I chose this over the Ruger American. Both shoot great at 250 yards (and more), but the Vanguard Series 2 group is consistently tighter. If the shooter doesn’t connect, it’s not this rifle’s fault.

  50. wva deer hunter

    just want to say this rifle is AWSUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM thank you mr. weatherby 1 inch lows with a 4-12-40 nikon prostaff bipod and you get 3 shots less then half inch apart cant wait until the upcomming 2015 wva deer season i be slammin some whitetails with this bad boy shoots so good this rifle is meaner then a rattle snake with weatherby ammo 180 grain spire point

  51. Rick a

    The best rifle I have ever owned I’ve ever owned an I have owned Remington, Ruger ,Marlin Put about 100 rounds through it ,it is dead on at 200 yards.

  52. wva deerslayer

    Well i got my vangaurd s2 in the 300 wby mag 165 grain spire point 1inch low rings and a nikon 3-9-40 prostaff belive me at 100 yards she is a tack driver i nick named her lil nasty she will blow anything a part in the front and will cripple in the back i love this rifle 100 yards on a tack driver bag 3 shots was less then a half inch a part Mr. Weatherby your dad built a great rifle now his son is doing the same Thank you Mr. weatherby also the s2 in the stainless with silver rings bipod and nikon just lookin at the rifle you would say she looks a lil nasty thank you weatherby cant wait till the wva 2015 deer season

  53. Sportster

    I’ve owned a vanguard s2 stainless steel in 30-06 since 2012. Put a Vortex Viper HS 2.5×10-44 on it.This is truly a confident inspiring shooting system! .Already taken a few nice deer with it up here in BC & Alberta . including a 204 1 / 8 ( bone & Crockett scored ) mulie last year. Incredible rifle for the money.Thank you Weatherby.

  54. Blue collar outdoorsman

    I purchased a used stainless synthetic in a 308 from a local dealer. It has become my new go to deer rifle no questions asked. With a Leupold 3-9 Rifleman scope in Leupold rings and bases it will put all 4 rounds in a single ragged hole at 100 yards every time. The comfort of this rifle to carry and shoulder can’t be explained until you try it. Plus the instant it comes to shoulder you are on target naturally. I have been hunting deer in upstate NY for almost 30 years with all sorts of guns and all sorts of actions, this by far is the best rifle I have had the pleasure of hunting with. Thank you Weatherby for a superb rifle at a good price used or new. I’m already saving for my next Weatherby investment. Best hunting wishes.

  55. Jack

    I am very pleased with my first weatherby rifle. Bought it this year in the vanguard series 2 synthetic stainless, chambered in 300 win mag. shot great with a lot less recoil then expected. looking forward this years moose hunt.

  56. Rick

    Its dead on at 200 yards every time

  57. JMarc

    I own 3 Vanguards, blonde stock/blue 7mm mag from the 1970’s, and 2 synthetic stainless rifles from the last 4 yrs (30-06 and 300 win mag). They all shoot extremely accurate with factory loads. I am most impressed with the lack of recoil with the Vanguard Series 2 .300 win mag (purchased 7/2014). Extremely accurate and comfortable to shoot right out of the box.

  58. Mjc

    I got this rifle in 257 wby mag it’s the 7th wby I own but the first that I I’ve purchased new.
    I hunt everything with this rifle from coyotes to elk and it’s never let me down.
    Makes great groups and stays consistent out to 600 yards.

  59. Trevor

    Over 30 years of hunting, I have used many brands of rifles, from Marlin levers to Remington 600 and 700’s, Tikka’s, Rugers and Winchesters. The only rifle that I could not get to “shoot” was a Tikka 222. Last year I finally bought my first Weatherby Vanguard in 7mm Rem Mag. It simply puts all the others in their place. Using 63gr of ADI 2209 and the Nosler 168gr LR this rifles put two bullets through the same hole and the third less than 5mm lower. Also I must also heap some praise on the trigger. Once again, simply better than all the rest!.
    P.S Mr Weatherby any chance of making the Carbine Version in 35 Rem Mag?

  60. 2ndccn

    We own three Wby Vanguards. Two are the stainless model and we are looking at getting a third. One is the older model but the other we just got last year. I have worked at two different gun shops, spent 4 years in the Marine Corp and I have owned over 50 rifles in my life and I have never had a rifle that I was as happy with out of the box like these. They do not need any alterations at all. I have had barrels replaced and trigger jobs done along with after market stocks on rifles that have made the gun cost 2-3’s the purchase price but I am no more pleased with them as I am with these out of the box.
    We hunt mostly elk now and we are very particular with our rifles so I do not say this lightly. These are the best rifles we have ever owned.

  61. Shaggy

    I’ve had this rifle for two to three years now, and have put around two hundred rounds through it. Originally, I was planning on replacing the stock, but it shoots just fine, so I haven’t changed it. I have gotten sub MOA groups with it, but nothing over two MOA. It seems to like the Federal soft point 130 grain (270A’s) Would have preferred a little more BBL weight, but considering the price, I’m completely satisfied. I definitely don’t regret purchasing this rifle over the Rem. 700 synthetic stainless which was my other choice, and I got it for $100 less than the Rem. My favorite thing about this rifle, every “cold shot” has been touching the lines, even with different and less experienced shooters. So I corroborate their sub MOA guarantee.

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    I was born in the backlands. Flatlands bore me. Give me mountains. Put me to the test on rugged ridges. Trust me in the harshest environments on planet earth. Hunting that country is what I live for – just like you.


    I’m wild about technology, especially when it can help me with a little weight loss. With a light carbon fiber composite stock and strategic fluting on my barrel, I’m a lot easier to carry on challenging big game hunts.


    Mom is a Vanguard, and Dad’s a Mark V Accumark. So I don’t want to brag, but I’ll shoot head-to-head against other rifles and bury them. With my Accumark DNA I’ll go SUB-MOA with premium ammunition. Guaranteed.