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I’m wild about technology, especially when it can help me with a little weight loss. With a light carbon fiber composite stock and strategic fluting on my barrel, I’m a lot easier to carry on challenging big game hunts.

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When covering distances deep in the heart of big game country, the last thing a hunter needs is heavy gear bogging them down. With a light hand-laid fiberglass stock and weight-shaving flutes on my barrel, the Wilderness comes in at a scant 6.75 pounds. The barrel is 24 inches of rifled precision that goes SUB-MOA without batting an eye. So despite the lighter frame, there is confidence of the Vanguard’s heavyweight impact when it’s time to drop that trophy.


  • All Vanguard rifles are guaranteed to shoot a 3-shot group of .99” or less at 100 yards (SUB-MOA) from a cold barrel when used with Weatherby® factory or premium ammunition within Two-Years of Verified Purchase Date to Original Purchaser.
  • Adjustable Match Quality, Two-stage Trigger
  • Fluted Bolt Body
  • One-piece Machined Bolt Body
  • Fully Enclosed Bolt Sleeve
  • Vanguard Recoil Pad
  • 3-Position Safety
  • Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
  • Integral Recoil Lug
  • Hinged Floorplate
  • Drop-Box Magazine Models: .240 WBY MAG  /  .25-06 REM.  /  .270 WIN.  /  .30-06 SPRG.


  • Hand-laminated, raised comb Monte Carlo carbon fiber composite stock
  • Aluminum bedding plate
  • Matte gel coat finish
  • Spiderweb accents
  • Weighs just 6 ¾ pounds


  • Matte, bead blasted, blued finish
  • Barrel length is 26” for magnum chamberings & 24” for non-magnum and 240 Wby Mag


22 reviews for Vanguard® Wilderness™

  1. Ted Scouton

    Purchased a Wilderness in 240 Weatherby, very accurate right out of the box!

  2. H. Duncan Gilpin

    My 30-06 Wilderness model is a tack driver. I couldn’t be happier since it consistently provides shot groups well within an inch. The groups are amazing out to 300 meters. Weatherby out did itself on the rifles finish as well. Love how light my Wilderness model is, especially trekking up and down mountains of Colorado. The rifle is a must buy!

  3. Mack

    It’s awesome I bought one in 257 wetherby and it was an awesome buy.Killed a elk at 229 yards with one shot thanks wetherby

  4. palehorse

    put a 4×12 NIKON, ZEROED, AND WALA, 3 SHOTS CLOVERED INSIDE A INCH RED DOT. handloads, powder imr 4138, fed 215 primers, nosler brass

  5. Ty Prinkey

    I have owned over 2 dozen Weatherby rifles and 8 Weatherby shotguns and all have been of excellent quality and craftmanship. My most recent is the Wilderness in 300 Winchester Mag. Its a dream to carry and recoil is about the same as my R700 in 308 thanks to Weatherby’s stock design. Accuracy of this rifle is very good. I shot a 10 shot group that could be covered with a nickle!! Gonna order a Camilla in 7mm08 for the wife and another Wilderness in 240Wby Mag for myself. Maybe even get 2 Wilderness, a 240Wby and a 6.5-300Wby lol!!

  6. SenderoAg

    Shot my first mule deer last month at 328 yards!

    Easy with a rifle you practice with and always shoots great.

    Shot 2 more great whitetails this past November. The 257 is AWESOME and does a great job!

  7. winterangehunter

    Wilderness in .30-06 with 24 inch barrel. Fit and finish excellent. Trigger crisp, recoil minimal. shoots 1 moa off my range bag. Lighter than my old rifle. Love the fluted barrel. The drop box mag is handy. The action is smooth. For the price it is a steal.

  8. ELI

    I bought this rifle in 257 weatherby topped with Nikon 3.5-14 , very accurate! This is my first weatherby but wont be my last.

  9. palehorse

    this is my second 300 weatherby in accuguard, have not shot it as of 9-4-18, just ordered it, all my weatherby’s are tackdrivers, I have no doubt this bad boy will do it in style.

  10. DoeMaster

    How about 5/8″ groups @ 108yds with 180gr Barnes TSX in 30.06! My 1996 Vanguard Deluxe 30.06 shoots 9/16″ with 180gr Federal Trophy Bonded Tipped at 108yds . On top of this you get the best customer service on the Planet and I have dealt with just about every other major manufacturer. Weatherby has this old Deer harvester sold for life!

  11. LIL JOE

    Finally had a chance for a outing to the range
    Firearm is a nice rifle ,, like most Vanguard’s no surprise to me
    Topped with a Burris 4.5 x14x42 mm
    Groups pretty well so far
    Next trip to the range gonna find out what ammo it likes
    Then dial it in ,, oh this is in 25-06
    And its my 3rd Vanguard

  12. Rich

    This rifle is a tack driver with 127 gr Barnes bullets. Great quality and good looks.

  13. Wyoming Mike

    I picked mine up just in time for my antelope hunt. There was little to no cover in the unit I was in and consequently had to crawl on every stock. The whole reason I got this gun was for it to be light and durable. Crawling in the vast prairie in the sleet and snow put this through pretty good test, and she did just fine. I am very pleased and look forward to using it for years to come.

  14. Gmony

    I own a Wilderness in a 25-06. Love to shoot it! The gun has great balance and is a joy to carry. I cant wait till they make it in a 6.5 creedmoor…….it will be a must have to add to my collection. Great gun at a great price.

  15. Buck buster

    308win. Real tack driver love this rifle ,,,I’m reconsidering purchasing one in 6.5-300weatherby if anyone has done so would love to hear about it

  16. Treyh007

    I’ve got an older model Vanguard in 30-06 that is a tack driver and has harvested many white tails so when it came time for a more updated and lightweight rifle I came back to the Vanguard model I’ve grown to love and trust. I decided on the wilderness model in 308 because of the bead-blasted fluted barrel, aluminum bedded lightweight stock and the excellent trigger. The balance of this rifle is excellent and even though it’s light the recoil is still very mild. I threw on a Leupold VX-2 Ultralight 3-9 and man is this a beautiful package! Sub MOA using Gorilla Ammo 165gr SGK. If you want a classy, lightweight, balanced, tackdriving deer rifle for under $1K I highly recommend Weatherby Vanguard Rifles!

  17. wesman

    I decided to get a 240 Wby Wilderness because of the versatility that the 100gr spritzers would allow.Anything from groundhogs to deer,with an occasional coyote.I got on paper at 100 yards in 2 shots.(it was boresighted at the store).After 6 rounds,I moved out to 220 yrds.The first 2 shots were 1in above the bullseye and measured3/8″.This gun is light,comes up fast,and has a great trigger.(I set mine at 2.75lbs.).I don`t shoot mine more than twice before I let the barrel cool…it does heat up fast.I also run a patch down the bbl. after a couple of shots as per the break in.I am using a Nikon 3.5-14 Prostaff 5 scope.I could not be happier with this setup.

  18. Phil

    Fine rifle, very light. Accurate and reliable. I am a happy camper. Wish the would add 6.5 Creedmore to the line.

  19. John K

    This is the most I’ve ever spent on a gun. I took it to the range to break in the barrel/sight it in. I did a basic bore sight and my first shot was 3 inches left of center at 50 yards. zeroed at 100 yards using 5 rounds. Shot consistent groups with cheap rem cor lokt ammo. I bought the 308 for hunting. I could not be happier with this rifle. Thank you Weatherby. I also recommend the Talley one piece ring mounts. They are a nice light weight but solid mount. I have a 40mm bell and the low rings were perfect, maybe 1/8 inch from the barrel.

  20. Reinhardt

    I got this rifle in 30-06. I decided on it for weight and the accuracy guarantee. I am not disappointed in either. Fit and finish is pretty good. The stock touches the barrel on one side, but doesn’t seem to affect accuracy. The stock is glass bedded at the recoil lug and has a chassis, not pillars. The flutes are deep enough to actually shave weight. This rifle pulls up nice, and is amazingly light. The trigger breaks very clean. Overall I am very happy with this rifle. Can’t wait for deer season in Wisconsin.

  21. Sawyer

    This rifle is great. Easily shoots sub 1 inch groups at 100 yards. Balance and feel are perfect. Bolt is smooth and trigger is crisp. Love the stock and the recoil pad. Well worth the cost. Only complaint is i wish it had a target barrel crown. Great job Weatherby!

  22. WVdeerhunter91

    I have this gun in 257 wby mag and it is the best shooting rifle I’ve ever owned and I’ve shot most brands. It’s lightweight easy to carry and handles great. Only took 5 shots to site in and you could cover the last 3 shots with a dime dead center bullseye at 100 yards

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    I was born in the backlands. Flatlands bore me. Give me mountains. Put me to the test on rugged ridges. Trust me in the harshest environments on planet earth. Hunting that country is what I live for – just like you.


    The Vanguard Stainless Synthetic was developed to be the ultimate weatherproof gun at a great value. Designed with a matte bead blasted stainless steel barrel, a coated Vanguard action, and a polymer griptonite stock, this gun meets and exceeds Weatherby’s high standard of accuracy and rugged dependability.